A walk through time

A collection of my work


6. What if

What if I were not me ,
What if I were someone else ,
What if I wasn’t that Ace ,
In the hand that god dealt?
What that mountain can’t be moved ,
Or if time could stand still,
What if nothing sank in ,
What if nothing we see is real?
Or if I wanted to walk off,
Yea , I just wanted to walk away ,
What if all the reason left ,
Weren’t enough to stay,
Would you think me mad?
Would that be bad,
If I decided to question everything ,
What if blues really red ,
and greens really gray?
What if the moon was never touched ,
Or people couldn’t feel,
What if love was really hate ,
And hate was all we could feel?
What if all these tidings ,
that bind us,
are nothing more than illusions,
What if our memories ,
were all painted , a series of confusions ?
do you ever stop to wonder ,
How an apple taste ,
from the lips of a stranger ,
Or stopped to put yourself in someone else’s place?
What if money was just paper,
With no value at all,
Or the rain didn’t represent sadness,
Whenever it would fall,
What if a smile was like the flu ,
and you could catch it like the plague ?
And you could spread it through a room ,
And watch it radiate ,
Or life was like a puzzle,
And when you find the missing piece ,
you could just make it work ,
No questions , or worries
a simple release,
What if dreams were a fire ,
and oxygen made them grow,
Or memories like the wind ,
That warms you when it blows.
What if pain was a mirage ,
And our fingers couldn’t touch ,
What if no one knew hunger ,
And only your souls could brush ,
What if there really are different people ,
That can feel different things ,
That make this world seem small,
And this life easy to change ..


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