A walk through time

A collection of my work


16. The story.......

In the glass I see a reflection,
That seems to me unconnected,
Past the point of redemption,
Thriving off of the friction ,
everyday falling in position ,
Talking to a wall that won’t listen ,
Trying to ignore the questions ,
hearts that seem to quicken,
Like Old school , straight from Brooklyn,
with a knife we cut the tension ,
Your words they seem so drunk an ,
I can’t read all the lessons,
My body begins to loosen ,
My mind it seems to sharpen,
appalled at your gumption,
Such a lack of reconnection,
The passion in its absent ,
wash it away in the ocean ,
I feel my trusts been stolen,
my neck it seems to stiffen,
as your words begin to lessen,
Like a night store door watchman,
you got me acting like the warden,
my guards always up an.
my pride it has shrunken,
This weight it weighs a ton,
As my shoulders they weaken,
All this time I was driven,
But this isn’t my vision,
theres nothing left to give and ,
to me my heart feels threatened ,
my thoughts they deepen ,
running out of reasons,
Whats left to believe in ?
Nothing seems more often ,
Its cold here in my dungeon,
You got me praying like a churchman,
But I don’t see you coming ,
this trust that we woven ,
This seals been broken,
and I’m gone.

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