A walk through time

A collection of my work


2. Snowed

Depth and deseption,
No truth in lies,
Away from protection,
Where your bodies thrive,
Losing connection,
Past the fears of these eyes,
To the point of exemption,
You cant hear my crys,
Telling me secerets I just cant hear,
One stained burried heart,
Out in the clear,
I lost my comfort,
Forgot my shade,
Now here we are back to this place,
Don’t make me wonder,
I wont make you feel,
Dont ask me Questions,
This isnt real.
I’m no stranger to the dark, I embrace my vices
I know your name, and all your disguses
I dream of you, but when im awake
Like the sweet juices of the durg,
you penetrate.
Your needling stings, it’s killing me,
Theres nothing more, you’ve gone to deep.
You’re sucking the life outta my face
I see the dust cloud disappear without a trace,
Still building cities, you’re tearing down
Do you see past your fear of what your living without
Who you are to me I can not hide,
dreams that leave you behind.
I am nothing more than your sacrfice,
yearning for own device,
You look at me like I’m some desiese,
Because now your hearts had enough of me,
Don’t think I’ll come crawling,
beging like an insect down on my knees,
If your tired of listening,
Turn your back on me,
Do what you want,
Do what you must,
This isnt memories just another pile of dust,
Kicking it up out in the wind,
Watching if fade before it spins,
And here we go again,
And again.

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