A walk through time

A collection of my work


7. Lie

Do you ever feel like ,
Somethings just not right,
Like a lie is in the mist ,
You start to wonder what it is,
Lil By Lil And bit by bit ,
It almost drives you crazy ,
and you pry to find it.
But when you do ,
You realize that which is not true,
Was best that you never knew ,
Because it starts to consume you.
Time lets it unravel,
Like a thread it comes un spun,
A end in which you’d never know ,
Had you not let it begun,
A love you thought was right,
Something you thought that someone felt,
But its hard to play the cards,
In a game thats not been dealt.
Then the moment you relax,
And think you finely found a way ,
A connection you can’t deny,
A love you cant escape ,
You forget and you blink,
And when you look it doesn’t seem the same,
For while you thought that it was love ,
They never felt the same.

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