A walk through time

A collection of my work


11. Illusions

You wonder what thell do ,
You wonder what thell say ,
If you finally make that slice ,
and you just cut it all way ,
standing in the mirror,
your broken bent and brusied,
youd give it all away ,
for a second of the truth,
You use that knife,
cause its all that feels real ,
Its the burn of the tear ,
that you can finally feel ,
the warmth of the blood ,
that drips off you skin ,
that makes you think your in control ,
the sweetest of sins,
Its your willingness to break ,
every prmoise youve ever made,
its your want to say fuck it ,
and throw it all away ,
its every pain in your heart ,
that your to weak to hide,
its every dream thats been broken ,
in your fears landslide,
Its every last person thats let you down ,
The ones that you helped ,
That you cant find now,
So you slice a way your beauty ,
Where no one can see,
and you walk around in stories ,
of make believe,
Your praying for the courage ,
to just let it all go ,
to cut to deep ,
and let it just flow,
But its not enough ,
and its all that you feel ,
that cutt and that tear ,
makes your illusions seem real

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