A walk through time

A collection of my work


12. Fallen Angel

Before the sun painted the day ,
In his arms she lay awake,
Soul searching for a way,
Wondering what to say,

Between the seconds of his breaths ,
She wondered why this test ,
She had forsaken all the rest,
and swore shed give him her best,

But the love that she can not have ,
had finally come to call,
The reality lay sound ,
That even angels fall.

She knew shed never touch ,
This man that inerupted her dreams,
But what she had given him was worse ,
Than any lie and decite .

This man she claims she loves,
Oh she loves him this is true ,
But each one gave her a strength ,
Is it possible to love two.?

For although hes never touched her ,
She has given him her heart ,
And this man she lay beside ,
Must see this angel fall.

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