Nothing Like Us

I'm was just a regular belieber who's in-love with Justin Bieber. He's not what everyone says he is. He's amazing. I love him. We made one mistake, our lives changed after that. Nothing will eve be the same for either of us.
Follow Stacy and Justin in there crazy relationship. Do they make it to the end, or will they're love die out like a candle?


2. The Day

"Oh my Bieber!" I thought to myself. He's coming over tonight. I'm so nervous. It was about 9 pm. I was starting to think he wasn't going to  show up. I decided to go and take a long shower, a plugged my iPhone into the speaker and put on my music. I was in there for about 30 minutes. I blow dried my hair, and put it into a bun. I walked out in my pajamas, and in my room it was dark already. I turned on the light.


"Hey." A voice spoke from my room, making high pitched sound came from my mouth.


"Don't do that, you nearly gave me a heart attack!"


"You knew I was coming over."


"I know but you could have told me you were on your way or that you're. instead of scaring me like that."


"I'm sorry."


"It's alright." He was laying in my bed. So I crawled in next to him.


"So what should we watch?" I asked him.


"Umm. We should watch 'The Cabin In The Woods' I heard its good."




"What kind of snacks and drinks do you want?" I said breaking the silence 


"I don't know." Well, this boy knows exactly what he wants. I sarcastically said to myself.


"What do you like?"

"Sour Patch Kids and Orange Juice."

"Okay, cool. I think I have Orange juice. But I don't think I have any Sour Patch Kids. There's a Wal-Mart down the street, we could go get some."

"You won't mind people in your face asking you a million questions."

"It's almost 11, how many people could possibly be there, and I don't think the paparazzi would be there. Even if there are I don't care."

"Alright, we can take my car." We walked down stairs and out the door.

"Holy Shit, is that your Fiskar?" I nearly yelled, remembering it was near eleven o'clock at night. 

"Yeah, nice right?" "Yeah, it's nice alright. I can't even drive yet." He laughed. "It's not funny, I'm a horrible driver!" I said laughing. We got in the car and Justin drove off. "You Know what I realized, I don't even know your name." "It's Stacy." "Hi Stacy." "Hello Justin." We both laughed. We finally got there. "Damn, that was quick." "I told you it's right down the street. I walk here all the time."  Luckily there were barely any people there, just a few fans and beliebers wanting autographs and some were asking Justin if I was his new girlfriend. "Only in my dreams." I thought to myself. He told them no. We got the drinks and snacks paid for them and left. 


______________________________ Later in the Night___________________



We finally started the movie. "Oh, great way to start the movie, a guy sitting in his car with a bong." Justin laughed at the movie. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "You have a cute laugh." "What? No I don't." No one's ever told me my laughs cute people always said It sounds fake. "No, it's cute, it really is, like a little kid." "Really?" I started to blush and smile like an idiot. "Awe... did I embarrass you?" "No. That's the sweetest thing any guy's ever told me." We're not even paying attention to the movie any more were to busy talking, next thing I knew there was moaning coming from the TV. "Well, that's what wanted to hear." I said sarcastically. "They're gonna die, it's always the one's having sex in the woods." "True, it's always the cute ones to." I added. "Haha, that is so true. I've never noticed that." "Yep, and the junkie either lives or dies in the end. That happens in every scary movie." "It really does." Justin fell asleep about half way through the movie. He was so cute, he had his arm wrapped around me, like I was his teddy bear, I didn't mind though my whole world was holding me in his arms. I couldn't be happier. I went to sleep when the movie ended and turned of the TV and fell asleep in his arms. 

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