Nothing Like Us

I'm was just a regular belieber who's in-love with Justin Bieber. He's not what everyone says he is. He's amazing. I love him. We made one mistake, our lives changed after that. Nothing will eve be the same for either of us.
Follow Stacy and Justin in there crazy relationship. Do they make it to the end, or will they're love die out like a candle?


9. Scared



*A Few Months Later Stacy's POV* 



"Justin, I'm scared." "Of what, baby?" "Having a baby." "Why? I mean you'll be an amazing mom, and I'll be an amazing dad." "I know. I. Just. I've never really had to raise a kid. And what about your tour?" "What about it?" "I'll be at home, in my Georgia, while you'll be traveling the world. I can't travel the world with you and raise a baby, I need to be at home, and the baby will need you." "I know, but I can't cancel the  rest of the tour, my beliebers will be so disappointed." "I know, I'm not asking you to cancel the rest of your tour. I know they would be devistated if you did that." "What if I visit or you and the baby come visit when I have breaks, during the tour?" "That might work." I thought about it for a second. I could tell Justin was in a deep thought. He was thinking way harder than I was, he was thinking about something else, but he wasn't telling me what. "What are you thinking?" "A plan." "Hmm..." Justin went out the hotel room along with Fredo. 

*Justin's POV*

"Hey, I'm gonna ask Stacy to move in with me. I've thought about it for a while, do you think I should?" "Yes, you clearly love each other, so you should." "I'm also gonna propose to her." "Congrats!" "Shh... Stacy might hear you." "My bad, but congrats. Have you bought the ring yet?" "No, I want you to help me pick the ring later on today." "Aight. That's cool." "Cool, how are you gonna distract Stacy, so we can leave?" "Wubbzy." "What about him?" Fredo seemed a bit confused. "Have Stacy watch him while we go looking." "Aight, lets go."

*Stacy's POV*

Justin and Fredo walked back in the room. "Hey babe." Justin kissed me on the forehead, he only did that if he wanted me to do something. "What are you two planning, or scheming should I say?" "Can you watch Wubbzy, for me for a few hours?" Fredo looked me in the eyes. "Why?" "Me and Justin need to do a few things, it shouldn't take long." They were acting wierder than usual "Alright, I'll watch the little cutie. I still think you two are up to something." I curved my lips at Justin. "Thank you so much, babe. Love you." "Love you too." With that they went out the door. "What are they up to Wubbzy?" He looked at me confused. "Well, do you wanna do?" He looked at me again. "Do you wanna watch t.v.?" I turned on the t.v. SpongeBob was on. "Spon Bob!" "Aww... You like SpongeBob?" "Yeah!" After about an hour or so he fell asleep in my arms. I picked him up, put him in the bed, and tucked him in. I had some time to myself, so I decided to clean up a little. Another hour passed before Justin and Fredo walked in. "Hey, what did y'all do?" "Looked in different stores." "Thanks for watching Wubbzy" Fredo gave me a big tight hug. "No problem, he was a delight. And still sleeping, so don't wake him." I said in a soft tone. "You're gonna be a great mom." "Thanks, you'll be an even better dad." We cooed at each other. "Eww... get a room love birds." We looked at each other, thinking we had the same idea. "Aw... I love my little Ju-Ju." "And I love my little cupcake." We cooed even louder, rubbing our noses together, and kissing noises, like little kids.

"Stacy, how fast can you get dressed?" "It depends. Where I'm going and how should I dress." "We're going to a restaurant. Wear a dress." "I'll be ready in an hour or so." "Okay." I went to the bathroom, to turn on the shower, to let the nice warm water relax my muscles. "Ahh..." I began washing my body. I finished my shower. I put on my little black dress, and matching heels, and did my make up. I walked out the bathroom, to see Justin sitting on the bed waiting for me in a nice dress shirt, pants suit, and a tie. "Wow, you look beautiful. Is that for me?" "Yeah, I thought you'd like it." "I don't like it. I love it." "You look every handsome. I love it when you dress up. You look so sexy." I love the way he looks in a suit. "I love you." "Aww... I love you, too." "Let's go." Justin rushed me out the door. "Okay, I have two legs that work just fine on there own. I don't need to be dragged." "Sorry, I don't want us to be late for our reservation." We finally got there. The place was filled. "Two for Bieber." Justin said to the man, who lead us to the table. "Thank you." "Wow, what and empty place." I said sarcastically. "Yeah." Justin looked really nervous and sweaty.

Justin tapped his glass with a spoon. "I wanna ask you something. Stacy?" "Yes?" "We've been together for a while now, and I know I love you. And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, and only you." He pulled out a small box from his pocket, and got down on knee. I began to cry. "Stacy Jones, will you marry me?" "Yes! Of course I will!" I hugged him tears rushing down my face. People started clapping.

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