Nothing Like Us

I'm was just a regular belieber who's in-love with Justin Bieber. He's not what everyone says he is. He's amazing. I love him. We made one mistake, our lives changed after that. Nothing will eve be the same for either of us.
Follow Stacy and Justin in there crazy relationship. Do they make it to the end, or will they're love die out like a candle?


3. Oh No...

*Stacy's POV* 


"Stacy, Stacy, Stacy are you awake?" I woke up and Justin was shaking me.

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"I can't sleep."

"You went to sleep before me." I said still half asleep.

"I know, but I woke up, and now I can't get back to sleep."

He's like a little kid. "Well... umm why can't you sleep?" I'm not sure what to say to him at this point.

"I don't know, I'm just not sleepy."

Ugh he's difficult and whiney. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me closer to him.

"Woah, what are you doing?" Was he trying to kiss me?

"I was just hugging you, I feel comfortable in your arms."

"Oh." Don't I feel like an idiot... Why would he want to kiss me,  when he can have just about any girl in the world? I looked down in embarrassment.

"Awe, what's wrong?" He cooed at me.

"Nothing. I'm fine, just tired that's all." I lied.

"Oh, okay." He pulled me even closer to him, if that's even physically possible. He was warm and I could hear his heart beat, it was nice and steady like a drum.

He kissed my forehead, like a child. Then my nose, eventually finding my lips. It was amazing, our lips moved as one. It grew more passionate as the time went by. He moved to where he was hovering over me. He began to kiss my neck, I tried not to moan, because my parent's room was right across from mine and they would hear me, and I know guys can take advantage of a girl all they have to do is get her to moan or say his name and she's basically wrapped around his little finger... 

He began to moan. Making it harder for me not to, his voice was so sexy, just hearing him talk at that point was a big turn on but I couldn't let him know that. I won't give in that easy. He wasn't giving up either. He ran his fingers up my leg to waist, making me arch my back a little. He squeezed my butt making me a small high sound come out of my mouth, like a squeak. He laughed, his laugh was sexy. I don't know how much I cant take. 

"What's wrong?" He asked sarcastically.

I just looked at him. I can't talk, I would be stuttering like crazy. 

"Come on, babe just say my name."

"No-o" Damn. He knows I won't last much longer. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. I could feel him smiling on my neck. 

He moved a little lower, closer to my breast. 

"Mmm..." I let out a little moan. Oh no what did I do?


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