Nothing Like Us

I'm was just a regular belieber who's in-love with Justin Bieber. He's not what everyone says he is. He's amazing. I love him. We made one mistake, our lives changed after that. Nothing will eve be the same for either of us.
Follow Stacy and Justin in there crazy relationship. Do they make it to the end, or will they're love die out like a candle?


10. Eight Months

        *Stacy's POV March 2014*

    We were on our way back to the hotel after the amazing night, with Justin. I was the happiest person in the world, nothing could ruin my day. After we ate our dinner, we took a horse carriage ride around town, then went ice-skating for a while. “Oh my goodness, Justin this has been the absolute best night of my life. I love you so much, I can’t wait the rest of my life with you.”

“I love you too. I’m glad it’s you I’m spending the rest of my life with, I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else. I love you with all my heart, no one or nothing will ever change that."

*3 Months Later Stacy’s POV*

                  I decided I needed a break from being on tour with Justin. I was video chatting with him about the wedding plans. “People like us we’ve gotta stick together, keep your head up, nothing last forever. Here’s to the damned, to the lost and forgotten, it’s hard to get high when you’re living on the bottom!” Kelly Clarkson’s  song “People Like Us” started to play. I realized it was my phone ringing and answered it. “Hello?” “Is this Stacy?  “This is she. Who is this?” “I understand you called about catering.” “Yes…” “How’s June?”  “Okay.” “What about the 23rd?” “No” “25th?” “Hmmm No” Do you have June  28th?” “Yes” “Alright” “Well, it’s a set date.”  “Thank you.” With that hung up the phone. “Who was that?” Justin asked in confusion. “The caterer.” “Is everything set and done?” “With the food, yes. With everything, no.” “Stacy we need to hire a wedding planner, you’ll still be able to have the wedding the way you want it, they’ll just be there to help.” “Most of the wedding is already planned, isn’t it a little late to hire a wedding planner? We have a church, a set date, catering, my dress, the flower girl’s dress, the bride’s maid’s dress, your tuxedo, your best man’s tuxedo, and just about everything else we need.” “So, we know who’s who, right?” Justin asked. “Yes, Jazzy’s the Flower Girl, Jaxon’s the Ring Bearer, your Best Man is Ryan, my Bride’s Maid is Tabitha, we have Pastor Jake, and there’s 3 Ushers John, Brandon, and Ashley. Oww!” I screamed in pain. “What’s wrong?” Justin asked concerned. “The baby’s kicking.” “I wish I was with you. I can’t believe it’s been seven months. Three months to go. I promise I’ll be there. I’ll fly from where I am. Okay?” “Okay.” “One question.” “What?” I asked. “What is his/her gender?” “I don’t know yet.” I said honestly. “When are you gonna find out? I want to know.” I whined. “I know you want to, bae. I’ll go next week to find out okay?” “Okay.” “I love you.” “I love you too.”

                  We hung up and I went to bed. The baby kept kicking all night long, I couldn’t stay asleep. I picked up my phone and dialed. “Hey.” “Hey, honey. What’s going on?” I can tell he was tired. “I can’t sleep. The baby keeps kicking.” “I’ll be home in a few weeks I promise. I love you.” He says still sleepy.” “I know. I love you too.” I hung up the phone.

                  The next few weeks went by so slow. Every single week my stomach got bigger and bigger. I had an appointment to see the baby’s gender, the day after Justin got back from his tour. I wanted Justin to be with me when I found out. “Bae, you ready to go?” Justin yelled from down the stairs. “Yeah, hold on.” Justin ran up the stairs to help me down them. “Show off. If I wasn’t nearly eight months pregnant I could do that, too.” He grabbed my hand, guiding me down step by step.  “Dang Justin, do you have enough stairs in this house?” “Sorry, bae.” I finally reach the top bottom stair. “Finally.” We got in the car and Justin drove to the doctor’s office. We got to the back room, and laid on a cold table. We sat in silence for a few minutes. I grab Justin’s hand caressing it, they’re sweaty. “You nervous?” I asked him laughing. “Yeah, I can’t wait to know what we’re having.” “It doesn’t matter, he or she will be amazing, beautiful like her mom or handsome like his dad.” I laughed. “What’s so funny?” Justin asked me. “I saw a commercial that was funny a while back. A guy and his girlfriend or wife or something was wait to see if the baby was a boy or girl. The doctor said it’s a girl, and the girl said I hope she not ugly. So, the guy says well I hope she’s not either I just didn’t we’re allowed to say it. I always thought that was a messed up yet funny commercial. No, baby or person ugly, though.” Justin just looked at me. “I wasn’t pregnant when I saw the commercial. So, I used to think it was hilarious. So, don’t look at me like that.” He smiled. “I love you.” He said, grabbing my hand kissing my cheek. “I love you, too.” I kissed his cheek back. The doctor finally walked in the room. He lifted my shirt right above my stomach, rubbing the cold jelly on me. “Well, there’s the baby’s heart beat. And from the looks of it, you are having a girl.” I smiled, a tear fell  from my eye. I looked over to Justin, he was looking at the ultrasound he didn’t even notice me looking at him. “She’s beautiful.” He said. “I told you she would be.” I smiled at him, he still didn’t notice. “Don’t stare to hard you’ll make her nervous.” He laughed.’ He remembers my existence.’ I thought to myself. We left the doctor’s office and went home.

*Justin’s POV*

       “Justin.” Stacy yelled from our room. “Yes, babe?” I asked. “I’m hungry.” I went up the stairs to our room. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that pregnant women have the weirdest cravings ever, and that they have crazy mood swings. “What would you like bae?” “I don’t know. Ice cream.” “We don’t have any.” She started to cry. “No, babe don’t cry. I’ll go get some ice cream. What kind do you want?” “Ben and Jerry’s Late Night Snack.” “Okay. What anything else? I could something dinner while I’m out. You have to give the baby real food, too.” She started crying, again. “Wh-why are you crying?” “Because, ,you think I’m starving our baby.” “No, no. That’s not what I meant. I’m just telling you what the doctor said.” “So, the doctor thinks I’m starving her?” “No. No one thinks you’re starving her. You’re eating for two people, you need to eat a little more. Okay?” “Okay.” “So, what else do you want to eat?” “I don’t know. What do you want.” “McDonalds.” “No.” “Steak N Shake?” “No.” “Dairy Queen?” “Yes.” “Chicken Sandwich?” “Yep.” “You always want that.” I smiled. “You always ask.” I love her, I really do but damn. She can be mean. Hormones, mood swings, and cravings, I’m am so happy God made me a man. I will never say girls have it easy, because they don’t. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Okay?” “Okay, love you.” “Love you, too.” I kissed her cheek.

        I ran down the stairs, grabbed my car keys and went out the door. I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed the ice cream and paid for it, then I went to Dairy Queen to order the food. I tried to get back to the house fast, so I don’t have to deal with paparazzi. “Bae?” I called for Stacy.  “I’m home.” I put the ice cream in the freezer and put our food on the table. I ran up the stairs, so I can help Stacy down. I guided her over to the table and put her food in front of her. She squinted her eyes. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “The little- she’s kicking again.” I smiled. “It’s not funny.” “I know it’s not. She’s kicking because you’re moving around. She’ll stop.” The baby stopped kicking and we enjoyed our dinner. We sat on the couch while we ate our ice creams. “You want some, bae?” “No. I got my own ice cream. But, thank you for offering bae.” She smiled. We finished our ice cream, and decided to go to bed. We climbed in the bed, I wrapped my arm around Stacy, and she laid  her head on my chest. I could tell she was asleep, because he breathing slowed. I feel asleep a little while after.

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