The Disaster

When Harriana and Harry are together everything is perfect. On the day of the concert, they get mugged. All we can do is pray for them.


6. The Mission (Harry's POV)

I wake up with my mission in mind.

"Boys!" I pester, "Come on, wake up. We're seeing Harriana, let's go!"

They wake up groggily. I start to give them orders.

"Liam, you push the bed, I'll hold on to the drip.  Niall, help Liam push me, Zayn run out ahead and make sure there's no one to catch us.  Louis, call Eleanour and tell her we're coming."

Zayn left to make sure we would be okay and wouldn't get caught and Liam, Louis and Niall helped me readjust everything.

Zayn came back, "Coast clear. Lets Go." They pushed me down 3 hallways, into the elevator, up a floor and into room 713. Niall knocked, Kate opened the door, Zayn and Niall pushed the bed while Liam and Louis pulled.

We made it to Harriana's room.

"Yeah!" us boys yelled at the same time. Then we all hi-fived.

I turned to look at Harriana.

I had missed seeing her beautiful face.

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