The Disaster

When Harriana and Harry are together everything is perfect. On the day of the concert, they get mugged. All we can do is pray for them.


3. Tell Me (Harriana POV)

~2 Days Later~

My eyes blink open. I look around. Theres people here... Its my sister! And Zayn, Niall, and Liam. "Guys" I try to croak. But it comes out as a cry. Louis and Eleanor enter just as everyone rises to see whats wrong with me. They all crowd around my hospital bed. "Where's Harry?" I manage. "He..." Liam says. "Well..." Louis says with a tone of worry. Jackelyn takes my hand. "Josselyn..." I can see tears in her eyes. Zayn clears his throat and does the talking. "He's in critical condition...And as we all learned last night...he...well..." "WHAT?" I yell. I burst into tears. "Im sorry... I just-" Zayn cuts me off. "We don't know if he will live. Look on the bright side... he's been asking for you too!" he attemps a grin and fails. "NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!" I'm sobbing unstoppably now. They all try to calm me by saying that all we need is a miracle. "ONLY, ONLY A MIRACLE! How probable is that?!" I yell. A nurse runs in. "Your time is up!" Everyone but the nurse file quickly out the door. Everything goes black as I look to see if they left anything. Nope. All they seem to have left is my broken heart.

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