The Disaster

When Harriana and Harry are together everything is perfect. On the day of the concert, they get mugged. All we can do is pray for them.


9. Leaving (Harriana's POV)

I'm getting released today. On a normal basis, I would be happy about that. But Harry's 'miracle' hasn't acted out yet. Theres tubing everywhere on him. Theres no possible way of sleeping without crying first.
The nurse comes in. "Its your last day, love!" She sounds happy for me.
"Yeah!" I fake my excitement.
She hears the falseness and frowns.
"I know you're beat about Harry, but i promise you, he will be fine." I think i saw a flicker of a halo above her head. Or was that my imagination? I look at her with a confused expression on my face. She smiled then set to work to unhook the few tubes left on me.
"Alright, love! You're good to go!"
*Im not leaving* i think to myself.
"Umm. I hope you wont mind but I'm staying with Harry. I...I...He...needs me. You, you have to understand!"
She cut me off. "Of course, love. Now do me a favor. Wait outside the door a while. I'll be out in a snap and you can come back in with Harry. That fine?" Without waiting for me to reply she ushered me out the door. I'm afraid. I know shes a nurse, but what could have been so secret that she had to kick me out of the room?

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