The Disaster

When Harriana and Harry are together everything is perfect. On the day of the concert, they get mugged. All we can do is pray for them.


5. Is this the truth? (Harriana POV)

I don't think I WANT to live.

The nurse comes in. "Is it true?" I ask silently. She turns around to see me and smiles. "Harry...Is it true about him?" "Darling, don't worry! He'll be fine." She forces a smile and walks out the door quickly. Forgetting the doctors patient binder on the counter. An idea comes to mind. I don't know if I can walk... Here I go. I wibble and wobble over to the counter. I open the binder. Its organized by last names. I quickly flip to "S" "Styles, Harry Edward." It says at the top. Theres a picture of him too. I cry silently. "Brought in by ambulance #2.  Girlfriend: Harriana Stilson.  Room 609.  Critical condition.  Heavy Morphine Drip." The last thing entered was "Asking for Harriana"

But the only thing on my mind was "Room 609"

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