The Disaster

When Harriana and Harry are together everything is perfect. On the day of the concert, they get mugged. All we can do is pray for them.


10. Halos (Harry's POV)

The nurse just made Harrianna leave the room. She closes the door behind her and comes over to me. I think I can spot a halo above her head. Or maybe going crazy is a side-effect of my damage.
"Hello, Harry." She says with a warming smile.
"Hi," I say back.
"Your girlfriend has been praying for you. I am here to make all those prayers come true."
"What?" I ask, scared.
"Just close your eyes Harry, this wont hurt a bit."
She placed her hands on my chest and started breathing in. I could hear the heart monitor speeding up. Too scared to open my eyes I force myself to calm down. What is she doing? I thought but didn't speak. Everything stopped. I opened my eyes. In the nurses place there was a blinding white light, then it disappeared. There was a knock at the door.
"Harry? Nurse Newsome?" It was Harrianna.
"Ari, come in love!"
She cautiously opened the door.
"Harry, wheres the the nurse?" she asked. Then she gasped as she noticed that I was no longer bruised or scarred.
"Harry! Its a miracle!" she exclaimed pulling me into a tight hug.
"It is, Harrianna. It is."
I told her all about the nurse. Then she helped me unhook all the tubes and she called the doctor to help.
We went home later that day. I couldnt get enough of Harrianna.
I went to my dresser and pulled out a little velvet box that i had been saving for a while. I got down on one knee.
"Harrianna, I never want to lose you. Will you marry me?"
"Yes!" she squealed.
I pulled her into a hug and kissed her lightly.
"I love you. I love you. I love you." i whispered into her hair.
She giggled ever so softly.
"I love you too, Harry. I love you too."

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