Who am i?

memories.lost. half dead.injured.lost in desert.


1. eva

         "It hurts....but where? Oh yea, that's right, my head hurts. And to make things worse, taking every damn breath is a pain in the ass." I slowly open my eyes and the sudden glare of light blinded me at first, but after a few moments my eyes adjusted to the light. I pulled my left arm over my forehead to shield me from the sun and slowly walked toward the opening; a clear sky and a few clouds started to appear. I took long and deep breaths but the pain coming from my lungs made it almost impossible. I started to adapt to my grogginess but I couldn't tell where I was, in a forest? in a city? Instead I realized that I was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by shrubs and the ground seemed like it hadn't tasted water in years. 

         I began to see three shadowy figures in the distance. At first I thought they were animals, but as they walked closer I realized that they were actually three men dressed in black outfits. The coldness of the desert finally got to me and I started to feel a rush of fatigue take over my body. As the three figures walked closer and closer I got weaker and weaker. I tried to shout out but my voice wouldn't listen to me, when they finally were five feet away from me I could no longer talk all I was thinking was "Give me some water, food, anything..." And then everything just went black.

When I finally got to my senses it was warm, not cold. My pain starts breaking in again, but it felt easier to breath than last time. I slowly opened my eyes and was shocked at first that a pair of green eyes was looking at my wound on my stomach and was tying up the bandage around it which the red is seeking through. When he saw that I was awake,he said,"Dont move! The blood will spread again." I nodded and i realized how messy his hair is but that just adds to the charm of his green eyes.When he finished bandaging he looked and me and gave me a mischievous smile. "So crazy lady want to tell me how u end up in the middle of nowhere?"

I snapped myself and my urge to stare at his...amazing....eyes. I looked down and shook my head and muttered,"I-I-I dont know..."Then there was a monotone voice,but it wasnt mine said liar. I was shocked for a moment as the voiced continued,lets ask her some other questions and see if shes hiding anything. 

Then that green eyed person asked,"Whats your name?"I thought about how his speaking time corresponds to the monotone voice, so I continued to remain quiet and see what will happen. After a while he realize that none of his question will be answered he stopped and said,"We'll talk more when the others get back."

I stare at him and asked,"The others? There's more people like you?"

He looked at me offended,"Whatya mean like me? Yeah you'll love 'em they're like complete opposites yet the same. One of them was the one that found you but wanted to leave u behind. The other one, well is your savior that fought to keep you with us and let us spend the medical supplies on a half dead crazy lady.Since you dont remember your name or you refuse to tell me im ganna call you eva. Eva which means life and living one for living through the desert."

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