Tough Love (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Scarlett Winston is not the average girl. Camouflage, push-ups, and drill sergeants. Scarlett has been attending Military School since she was 12. She just turned 18 and she is done with Military School, but how will she handle life without discipline? What will happen when she runs into an irish lad from a famous boyband? How will he react to meeting a fit, trained, disciplined girl?

Nothing is easy with Tough Love.

A Niall Horan Fan Fiction


4. Mistake

Scarlett's POV-

 I woke up remembering yesterday i loved Kissing Niall But i couldn't do it anymore It wouldn't be right or fair to the other boys. I would tell him later today I hoped in the shower and trust me it was a long and hot one...Then when i was done i got changed and Put my hair in a high bun As I grabbed my Items. Then i headed to practice


When i got their i saw Niall Smiling Brightly at me "last night was Fun " He says 

I smile back Yeah it was But Niall Look I can't have anything with you i'm your coach Not your girlfriend i can't be.. it wouldn't be fair I'm sorry I say 

His Smile fades " Okay Scarlett I understand" 

He walks Away And i start to think if i made the right choice Or if i made another mistake. I look at the clock and see it's time to start practice We Do our warm ups and Then Start When Were finished they seemed to handle it better than they did last time but they did sweat...ALOT ! When i was packing up Harry walked over to me 

"Um Niall Seems Very Sad What Happened ?" 

I sigh Nothing i just made a huge mistake Thats All I finish And zip up my bag and through it over my shoulder Sipping my Water.

"ahhh i see, But just so you know he really likes you..." 

Goodbye Harry I say Walking out of there.


When i get home i workout cause i'm so stressed out When i sit down I get on Twitter And See That Niall Started following me I followed him back along with the other boys. I see Niall tweeted about the practice today and I got kinda stressed wondering if i made the right choice.. I think i did but i don't know....


A/N :

I'm The new co-author Jojo ! Hope you liked the chapter ! 




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