Tough Love (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Scarlett Winston is not the average girl. Camouflage, push-ups, and drill sergeants. Scarlett has been attending Military School since she was 12. She just turned 18 and she is done with Military School, but how will she handle life without discipline? What will happen when she runs into an irish lad from a famous boyband? How will he react to meeting a fit, trained, disciplined girl?

Nothing is easy with Tough Love.

A Niall Horan Fan Fiction


3. I Don't Blame You

Niall's POV-

I am currently getting ready for mine and Scarlett's date. It's not a like a fancy date, because it's at Nandos and because we have practice right afterwards. I throw on a t-shirt and some black skinny jeans. I then put on my white high tops. I packed a gym bag with my clothes to change into for practice. I quickly style my hair, then I grab my keys, wallet, and phone.

Once I am in my car, I drive to Scarlett's house. We were texting until 1 in the morning last night and during our conversation, she sent me her address. I pull into her driveway and walk up to her front door. I lightly knock on her door. I hear a faint "come in" so I open the door and walk in. I find her running around, frantically getting ready. "Take your time, Speedy Gonzales! We're in no rush!" I smile at her. She stops, breathes and goes back to a normal walking pace. "Can I help you with anything?" I ask her. "Can you grab my gym bag from out of my closet? My room is just right upstairs, second door on the left." she says. "Sure." I say and walk up to her room. Her room is super neat, which makes sense because they probably had to be super neat and organized in Military School. I walk into her walk in closet and see a bunch of clothes.

But something else catches my eye. In the back hanging on it's own hook. It looks amazing. I walk up to it and I can't believe my eyes. I slowly walk towards her Military School Uniform. I gently touch it with my finger tips. My breath hitches. I look at her name tag that says her name and it brings a tear to my eye. This is so cool. "Amazing, isn't it." I hear someone behind me say. I jump, then turn around to see Scar, leaning on the door frame, admiring the outfit. "Scar, it's awesome." I say. "I know. It is such an honor wearing it." she smiles. "I bet." I say. I look at it one more time in awe. "Do you want to be in the military?" I ask her. "I would love to. I'm just really scared." she says and looks down at the ground. "Trust me, I don't blame you." I say and walk over to her. I put my finger underneath her chin and bring her face to look into mine.

We both slowly start to lean in and then our lips touch. I put my hands gently on her waist, pulling her closer to me. I feel her arms rest on my shoulders, as her hands play with my hair. Sparks. Fireworks. Explosions. I've never had a kiss like this. I really like this girl.

After about 2 minutes of making out in the middle of her closet, I break apart. "I really like you." I say out of breath. "I don't blame you." she smiles. We both laugh and she goes in to kiss me again. "I like you too." she says against my lips before she connects them again.

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