Tough Love (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

Scarlett Winston is not the average girl. Camouflage, push-ups, and drill sergeants. Scarlett has been attending Military School since she was 12. She just turned 18 and she is done with Military School, but how will she handle life without discipline? What will happen when she runs into an irish lad from a famous boyband? How will he react to meeting a fit, trained, disciplined girl?

Nothing is easy with Tough Love.

A Niall Horan Fan Fiction


1. New Routine

Scarlett's POV-

Beep beep beep. I hop straight out of bed when I hear my alarm go off. This is weird, waking up in my room. I am used to waking up with 20 other girls in our cabin. Yesterday was my last day of Military School. When I was 12, I told my parents that I wanted to go to Military School. That was the best decision of my life. I have been there for 6 years. Today is my 18th birthday, so I can no longer attend Military School unless I apply for college. I am still deciding if I should.

Today is actually my first day at my new job. Being in Military School has kept me VERY fit. So I applied to be a soccer coach. It's actually for teenagers like me, but having my back round, they gave me the job as coach. I refuse to train slackers. If they want to go sit on the couch all day, that's their decision, but they have to pick their lazy butts off my field and drive to their houses by themselves.

I actually love soccer. My Military School had a soccer team, and I was their star player. Yup, me. So this job is perfect for me.

Once I am in my gym clothes, I go downstairs to my gym. My parents moved me out of the school and put me into my own house. I am very independent, so I am okay with it. I get onto the treadmill and put it on level 26, but there are 30 levels. I am working my way up to level 30.

*2 Hours Later*

I put down my 50 pound weight and finish my 4th water of the day. I run upstairs and take a shower and get ready.

*After Getting Ready*

I grab my keys and phone then run out of the house. I lock the car and then get into my car. Work starts at 8 and I got up at 5. I actually slept in this morning, at school we have to wake up at 4.

I pull up to the arena and walk inside. I walk up to the front desk. "Hello, my name is Scarlett Winston and I am the new coach for the teen soccer team." I smile at the lady behind the desk. "Hello Scarlett! Just go down this hallway and the first door on the left is your office. If you keep going, the door at the end of the hallway is where you enter the field." she smiles. "Thank you..." I trail off, not knowing her name. "Lucy." she smiles. "Thank you, Lucy." I politely say. "No problem, have a good day, Scarlett." she responds. "You too." I say and then walk into my office.

I settle all of my things in my office. Then I grab my whistle, water bottle, and phone. I go into the gym and put my phone into the amp that plays through the whole stadium. I put on my workout playlist but I put it on pause. I see some kids around my age come in. They sit their gym bags down and walk over to me.

"Hello miss, looking for the ballerina class?" the one with brown curly hairs asks. I take his arm and flip him over and he lands on the ground. "Oww! What was that for?" he asks slowly getting up. "Attention. In line." I yell and they all get in a line. I start walking in front of each of them, back and forth. "Scarlett Winston. 18 years of age. Female. I am your new coach. You will be so whipped once I am done with you, that you'll probably hate me. But I don't care. I will make sure that you all don't just learn soccer, but learn how to be a man. Because by the looks of it, none of you are." I smirk at them. They all stare at me with wide eyes and open mouths. "Close those mouths or you'll catch flies." I say. I walk up to the first one and stare at him in his eyes. "Name." I demand. "H-Harry Styles." he stutters. "Do I look like a ballerina to you?" I ask. "No ma'am." he responds. "You sure about that?" I ask. "Positive." he responds. I move on to the next boy. "Name." I demand. "Liam Payne." he says. "Liam, do I look like a ballerina to you?" I ask. "No ma'am." he responds. I move onto the crazy looking boy. "Name." I demand. "Louis the Tommo Tomlinson." he smartly responds. I slam my foot on his foot and stare him in the eye. "Let me see your muscles." I demand. He flexes his arm and I laugh. I show him mine and he stares at it. The kid next to him pokes my arm and I grab his finger so fast, it may have came off. I hold it as I walk towards him to look him in his eyes. "Name." I demand still holding his finger. "Zayn Malik." he responds. "Why did you poke my arm?" I ask. "Because I couldn't believe a chick had such huge guns." he says. I squeeze his finger harder. "A what?" I ask, irritated. "A g-girl." he painfully chokes out. I let go of his finger and walk to the last one. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. I find him kind of attractive. But I won't let him find that out. "Name." I demand. "Niall Horan." he says. "Irish, ey?" I ask him. "Yes ma'am and I am proud of it." he smiles. I smile back at him. "Good, a team player." I smile.

I back away from Niall and stare down the boys. "Can I ask you something?" Zayn asks. "It better not be smart." I snap. "Why are you so tough?" he asks. "I have attended Military School since I was 12 for 6 years. It was my choice to go and I love it." I smile, proud of my past. Their eyes pop out and mouths drop again. "So that means you're some tough chick." Niall adds. "Yes it does." I smile. "He called you a chick and you didn't yell at him?" Zayn asks. "Nope." I say. "Why?" Zayn asks again. "Because he meant it in a better way then you did." I smile. That's not true. I kinda like Niall, and I don't want to yell at him. Yet.

"Alright boys, workout time." I say and begin the workout playlist.

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