The Emo Kid

This is about a emo kid who transferred to barthenhurg school


6. The Unnoticed Boy

I kept on looking at the stars looking for answers ,thinking of what am i going to do now, since Macken hate me."Maybe i shouldn't have lived in this world anymore." i said with a sad voice maybe she won't forgive me after all i hurt her more than she did.I guess i can keep this big lie look but i am not who i am . If my father was here he would always say "Don't give up son, the stars shine bright after you admit your lies." he used to inspires me with that sentence but why would you die from a war ?


I heard a noise coming from the woods , i saw a little girl with such blonde hair and wearing a pink dress holding a teddy bear which looks like it was crying. I approached the little girl when i step close enough to see her face i looked at her and said "Whats wrong little girl?."and then she replied "My mama died because of fire." she said with a crying voice i wasn't expecting her saying that sad story her where her mama dies i gave her my jacket and said, " Here wear this its going to be cold out here so you better wear this you need it more than i do." then she asked me a question ," Thank you, umm.. i know this is a bit sudden but can you be my big brother?" i stood infront of her for a while then i gave her a faint smile then pat her head and said, " sure little girl i will be your big brother whats your name anyways?." then she replied to me " My name is Dianna." i carried her on my back


Then i walked her home when i saw her sleeping on my shoulder ,i quickly remembered the time me and my father played in the park then i slept on his shoulder because it was comfortable and knowing that i will be safe and forever with him, i smiled because i remembered that moment my father was really there when i need him.So i went home then mom asked me " Who is that little girl?. " and then i replied " She is Dianna and she needs a home maybe she can live here?" luckily my mom was nice to let her live and be one of our family she took her like her own daughter .


Seeing Dianna happy removed all of my worries and problems in life because for the first time i felt like i was really loved by someone,so i went to sleep . Then i woke up and i guess its time for school so i went to school then seeing no one was really interested talking nor looking at me. Luckily Allan was really my friend and he kept on talking to me even though they think im a jerk for making Macken cry, but for some reason i felt like Macken was looking at me at all times and thinking of me .So i looked at the window seeing two birds falling in love and helping each other make a house for the two of them.


Then i saw Dianna waiting for me at the school garden, waving and shouting "Big brother i brought you lunch." i waited for it to become break time so i quickly went down the stairs and then she said " Me and mom made this for you big sister helped us too so im sure this will be delicious mom said it was your favorite !!." i opened the lunch box seeing sushi and maki was inside of it .

even though no one tends to talk to me atleast i have my family to support me and make me happy im only Unnoticed at school

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