The Emo Kid

This is about a emo kid who transferred to barthenhurg school


5. The Truth

I feel so guilty for leaving Macken and i feel like falling in love with Yuki. I promised to myself before its going to have a sembreak i will certainly tell the truth to Macken even if she gets mad at me i can die honestly ,so i was planning that i will admit it to her tomorrow ,at the school festival .I kept on talking infront of the mirror inspiring myself so i have the strength to tell her all.


So i went home ,with a feel of guilt so i fell asleep without saying a word to my little sister, she came crying to my mom and kept on saying that i didn't play with her and she thinks that i am sick. Then i woke up saying "Its time to admit it to her." so i went to the school festival and worked as a butler for our restaurant that is planned by Alice the class president, and she choose Yuki to be the maid ( or should i say my partner) I kept on waiting till i will have my break then i will tell my Big Lie to Macken . Yuki just kept on telling me that i shouldn't go anywhere because she only wants me to be her company when in school because she dosen't like the other classmates of her.


So its break now, i ran and ran , ask her friends where Macken is but they didn't know they say that she didn't went to school because they didn't saw her with them. So i remembered the place we met so i quickly went to lake Pokil, i saw her sitting beside the lake holding a stick and kepts on drawing on the water and saying " Why did you left me , i could've been happy with you Zero,"I sat beside her and holds her hand and said "I am so sorry Macken but i am not Zavier i am Zero, this whole new face is a lie i just did this because i thought all of my problems will go away if i started a new life."She looked at me, then slapped me then ran crying." I guess this is my punishment for lying to you Macken, don't worry i won't go near you if you don't want to see me anymore."So i just lie down the cold grass and looked at the stars , i felt like giving up . "I loved Macken but i guess i just let her go for just a little fight I feel so stupid i wish i could bring the time back and change everything i have done wrong ."




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