The Emo Kid

This is about a emo kid who transferred to barthenhurg school


2. The Lovers of the class

So it's been a week now since i started walking Macken home,So i told her if we can go to class together too since i started memorizing how to go home and how to go to school starting from her house ,so we walked to school together, and someone from the class saw us it was Alice the president of the class and one of the plastic friends of Macken .We were scared on what she is going to tell all of her plastic friends about .


So its 2 blocks ahead before we could arrive at school ,I was so quiet when Macken looked at me and putted her hands near her lips then suddenly holds my hand , she was pure red of doing that she quickly take of her hand , I was shocked to see her so shy so i held her hand and said, "It's okay if you want to hold my hand you can " she replied " umm, i was scared because of that strange man looking at me with a death looking glare ." she explained a story from her childhood where she was just a little kid, then his father said to wait for her on the street then he will come back,then she waited waited and waited for a long night... Then a gang sneak upon her then said "Your father is gone , he was gonna pay us 2million dollars but i think he lend you his place to pay that big price of money for him." she tried running  but it was useless because one of the gang member said "If you run  boss will kill you, so you better follow his orders if  you don't want to die early." So she didn't fight back but she followed that gang member back to where they met Macken, So until now she is still repaying on what his father borrowed to them .


She had high hopes that her father will comeback and get her away from the gang, but now her hope is starting to get lesser then lesser. Because after that incident she never did see her father anymore.So she ask for forgiveness to me for treating me like a dog when i was at Aoi school and for embarrassing me infront of everyone in the class. So she holds my hand everytime when we arrived at class 2-2 then quickly shouted "Love BIRDS !!" So thats what Alice told her plastic friends .Ms. Norbert was shocked to see me and Macken so close to each other and see us happy together so she quickly asked us if we have a relationship i denied and said we were just best friends .

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