The Emo Kid

This is about a emo kid who transferred to barthenhurg school


1. The First Day of barthenhurg School

First Day of school, and I already have made my enemies for the day. They walk like they own the place , I don't like them, They really just little airheads in their own plastic Barbie world. Its sickening. I Tell you . Sickening They make me throw-up don't even have the brain to tell them so. I walk to into class 2-2, late as usual. The whole class look at me, like i had just killed a person. But the best part of it was Macken , The leader of the plastics was looking at me with her signature death glare. why? Maybe because the whole class seemed to have paid attention to me rather than her. I greet the teacher, with a slur in my voice , " Good Morning, Ma'am." I say and sat down on my seat. I ever mention on what Ms.Norbert looked like? Well, she has a wart. That's for sure. It's on the tip of her , in case you miss it. In which, you won't . Her wart is massive! it's 99.9% impossible to go unnoticed. So Macken was talking to all of her plastic friends, when suddenly Ms.Norbert decided that i should seat beside Macken to avoid her from talking to all of her plastic friends so it was a bad idea at first because when i transferred to that seat, Macken kept on looking at me with her signature death glare. It seems like God made me and Macken to be life long enemies for the whole highschool year i have to seat beside her for 1 whole school year . I even tried switching seat with Allan , a fat friend of mine who likes to eat sweet stuffs and always hang at the cafeteria , You know to eat of course !! So it was lunch time. The bell rang and we all went to the cafeteria and eat our lunch. Then i whispered to Allan, " Allan, mind if we change seat for only one whole quarter , don't worry im sure Ms.Norbert wouldn't noticed our seat changing activity she dosen't even notice her big wart when she looks at the mirror so don't worry, okay? ." I know its almost time to go home after 6 subjects of course , the worst part of it is the teacher is my principal Mr.Peter he is so grumpy it's like he is always high blooded and you can see him every day almost red as a tomato for being angry all the time . So my only wish is that Mr. Peter won't look at the class seating arrangement and dosen't notice that me and Allan changed or its punishment for us. So Mr. Peter came into class and then Allan was freaking out because Allan dosen't want to be punished ,Oh did i ever mention what Mr.Peter looks like? He looks like a big fat hamster mixed with a little pig look and then he always eat heavy meal everytime even in class he eats a big burger. And his clothes are like going to explode because he looks like he gains weight every hour. So what is weird today at barthenhurg school ? i think i might be inlove with Macken which is crazy, because i think god made us for long life enemies , I tried showering my whole face using cold water, to see if this is a dream , because it is crazy to be inlove with a person with a personality which you don't really like. After two more subjects it's time to go home, Allan was lucky that he has a seat beside a window so i kept on looking at the window because the view of the school front gate is very amazing because our gardener Mr. Tiyan managed to keep all the plants very healthy and very colorful , so i remember last night i watched the news and they said that there is going to be snowing for a while , so i brought a jacket with me , so its time to go home so i wondered why Macken wasn't going home i asked her, " Whats wrong Macken why aren't you still going home ?" then she replied to me "All of my friends left me but i didn't brought a jacket because i wasn't expecting it to snow while the first day of class." so i thought that i will give my jacket to Macken and she will return it to me tomorrow . She smiled at me for the very first time i just noticed that she has a beautiful smile, inside her there was a good side i only thought that she was bad inside because she kept picking on me since i was elementary at Aoi school so that was the day i started to walk her home.
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