The Emo Kid

This is about a emo kid who transferred to barthenhurg school


3. The Betrayal

So me and Macken walked into class weirdly because everybody was staring at the both of us because they saw me and Macken holding hands,Its a bit tiring because after i sat on my seat Jenny and Penny ( The twins ) Asked me and Macken if we are going to the prom together as prom dates .Did i mention what Jenny and Penny looked like? they have blond hair that is stunningly shiny and so curly when it gets to the end and they have such almond green they both like wearing same clothes, ofcourse because they are twins .But sometimes they have a trouble to get along with each other so they just play, eat ,and talk to each other, but when they met Macken they started to have many friends and tried not to be shy when talking to students that wanna meet them.


So i was talking to Allan when he suddenly said, "Dude whats between you and Macken since you've  been so close to her you never have the time to talk with me or eat lunch together , you know i liked you better when you were my friend and now your become so rubbish that you didn't even care if Macken bullies me around school you just stared at me being kicked in back by those twins and Macken . But what did you do? you stood there and laugh at me being kicked, Some life you got ."Then he sat there listening to Ms.Lolly our Physical Education teacher , She has such brown hair with so light skin and she always looks like she is sweet and caring which she is. So she said that we can go outside the school and go to the school gym and play dodge ball,i kept looking at Allan because i know he was mad at me when i started hanging out with Macken, so i was talking to her when i saw her hit Allan then she said it was just an accident. So that was the start i got mad at Macken because after i saw she do that i knew Allan was telling the truth.


So Ms.Lolly was looking for someone to take Allan to the clinic so i volunteered so i could have a little chat with my old friend Allan so i told him that i now have an anger on Macken for doing that to you on  purpose and lying that she said that it was only an accident ,so i ate lunch with Allan instead of eating with Macken and her plastic friends and then we go back to class and then she talked to me ,I didn't know that Allan was looking at the both of us with a evil glare .Like he was just planning to kill a teacher or a faculty member of the school of barthenhurg school. Then it was time to go home so i walked Macken as usual, then i was gonna talk to her about what happened earlier and the conversation of me and Allan at the clinic when she popped out that the prom is coming this March and today is February 27. So she asked me if i can be her prom date.


I couldn't say no to her because she might cry and started to get revenge on me so i said yes, so she was very excited that i get to be her prom date not a stranger that only wants to be popular but what i didn't know was, there was a plan of Macken in the prom but i didn't hear the whole plan i just heard them talking about some plan of Macken on March. At first i felt confident because i knew that she wouldn't do a think to me because we are friends now.


So its prom day i was waiting Macken at her house when her mother suddenly goes out and talked to me "Im sorry but Macken already go to school, she didn't tell you? im sorry it tooked me a while to notice there was someone on the front door." so i just thank her for telling me where Macken was .So i went to the school gym where the prom was located then i suddenly heard a slow romantic song then i saw Macken, Dancing in the dance floor with Dave , a football player of barthenhurg school then she saw me holding a flower boquet seeing me crushing it . I felt a pain in my chest as if my whole world was devoured by the looks of Macken betraying me . She tried chasing me but i quickly ran away . So here i am at lake Pokil where me and Macken first met.

I wanted to jump in that river and drown so all of the pain in my life could go away when suddenly Macken the Betrayer came running and rushing then screaming "Dont jump !!" then when i saw her my pain in my chest became worst as if everytime i will see her my world is destroyed.


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