The Emo Kid

This is about a emo kid who transferred to barthenhurg school


4. A New Life

When i was about to jump, i fainted because i have a weak lungs so i couldn't breathe that well. And i woke up in a hospital seeing Macken beside me, i quickly stooded up even though my ribs still hurts .Macken tried to assist me but i shoved her hand off my arm, because i still remember what she did to me , then i tried getting out of the hospital like nothing happened then i succeded and went home with out talking to Macken.


So i changed my look colored my hair black and have a hair of a emo guy , i looked at my self in the mirror like i just started a new life,new look and i want to remove all of my memory with Macken i changed my name in to Zavier Smith. So i pretended to be a new student at barthenburg school but luckily no one did noticed that i just changed my look. But seeing Macken so sad and looking at my old seat was heart breaking. So i only told Allan that i just changed my look and told him the reason why.I ended up seating beside a window seat at the back of Macken she saw me reading a book about "percy jackson sea of monsters" she tried talking to me but i ignored her.


Some how i know this is the best for me but i feel like im just ruining her life more than having me a new life. I thought it was going to be fun but it hurts more than i expected.So i kept on doing that until i heard Macken talking about the old me ,She said she misses me very much and wishes for me to come back so that she can explain what happen during the prom dance along time ago . So i acted that i am a cousin of the old me .So she told me all of her feelings about me , i stooded infront of her looking into her eyes and i feel like i need to stop this being someone who im not.


When i was going to tell Macken the truth she left to have coffee with her plastic friends. I decided to keep my new look and act as a cousin of the old me. But then, the news were spreaded and i noticed that there were a school newspaper i read an article which says "I am sorry for what i did Zero please come back and let me explain!!."-Macken- .I was so shocked that she will do anything to see the old me and trying to explain . Im just too scared to tell her the truth because i know if i did tell that i am Zero not Zavier she might leave me and wouldn't like me anymore because i lied and making her worry that all my life i have hated her.


In the other case, she was right i didn't even let her explain why she danced with the football player,

But then i met a new transfer student named Yuki , she has a long hair which have a curl in the end of it her hair is plush pure brown color, and her eyes they shine like stars that sky blue eyes of her is so stunning  she almost looks like a Lollita


( Lolita is a doll like look and is commonly used in japan )


She like the new me but what she didn't know was this is not the real me. I am so messed up to whom to choose Macken or Yuki

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