Kirsten has been told she isn't worth a thing her whole life. She feels trapped, and one day, she decides to just go. Who would miss her anyway... That is until she meets One Direction


5. You Creep!

Kirsten's P.O.V

   I walked in to their house, and stared in awe. How could anybody afford this much house? It was huge! I bet they could have a 100 people and have everybody sleep in here, somewhat comfortably. Harry started to speak to me, "Kirsten? Would you like a shower? You can--" Then Louis cut him off, "You can borrow mine, for the time being,". I was very confused, why were they both acting like this? Weren't they best mates? Whatever. Louis led me up to his bedroom, which was huge. He took me to his bathroom, and I grabbed my iHome out of my suitcase. I plugged it in and put my phone on Pandora. I had a strange taste in music, I liked older music, from the 80's, and lots of music from today. I put it on shuffle. The first song that came on was, 'I Love Rock 'N' Roll'. I slipped off my shoes, and then my flowy peach top off and set it on the counter. I started to jump around to the song, and joined in singing when Joan Jett did. As I was jumping around and dancing, I didn't notice the shadow at the crack in the door. 

   I turned the water to hot and stripped. I stepped in the hot water, rinsed and found some shampoo, and conditioner. I was still singing and dancing, but this time to a song from this decade. Miley Cyrus's 'We Can't Stop' I liked the song, but hated her. At the VMA's she may as well have been wearing three Band-Aids. I rinsed off and peeked out, and realized I didn't have a towel. I called out to someone, "UMMM.... I DON'T HAVE A TOWEL..." I trailed off, loudly, then continued, "ANYBODY...?" 

   Louis called back to me, "Just a moment,". I waited, and he knocked. I placed myself behind the shower curtain. He came in and set it on the counter. I wrapped it around myself, after shaking my hair out. I stepped out in the room, and he was still standing there, with his back turned. He heard me enter the room, and he turned back and said, "I'm so sorry! I didn't realize..." He stepped out of the room. I wondered what to put back on, then I decided on a top with a plain white back, and see through blue sequins. I put on my black tank top under it, and I different pair of lighter colored skinny jeans. I kept the same shoes. I went back to the bathroom to gather up all of my things. I put it all back into my suitcase, and went back down stairs. I asked them, "Have you guys had lunch yet?" They all shook their heads. 

   Liam suggested, "Why don't we go out to eat, we all know where Niall will choose..." The five boys laughed. Even Niall. Well, I wasn't sure what to do if they saw the press, or what anybody would say about my being with them. 

   I piped up and asked a direct question to all of them, so they couldn't slip out of answering, "What do we say if the paparazzi see us?" They gave me a look. I wan't sure I liked the look they were all giving me.

   "Well... No matter what they see, they will always see what they want to see. Whatever we tell them, they will twist in to something major that it's not. But don't worry, it usually dies down within a few weeks," Zayn answered. I nodded, signifying I understood. Harry opened the door and gestured with his arm, "After you, ma'am," I thanked him, slightly embarrassed. Then I remembered how my last boyfriend acted before he plucked up the courage to ask me out. He acted nervous and fidgety, just like Harry had been. Well. That's unexpected. Seriously. Maybe he's just nervous for something that's going on later. Yeah, that must be it.

   Then I saw Louis glare directly at him. What? Why would Louis give Harry that mean of a look? Oh shit. I've seen the movies where two guys fight over a girl. Twilight. If only one of them was a vampire. Damn. This kind of sucks, I mean, two famous people may or may not like me! That part doesn't suck, but the fact that I have to choose. Then I recalled, Louis Tomlinson has a girlfriend! I couldn't be with a guy in a relationship, so, that made my choice easy. Well, I wouldn't say anything to him, unless he did something unfaithful. 

   We pulled up to Nando's. I figured there would be a million fans here, and I really don't want to deal with screaming girls right now. Whatever. We walked in. Niall barged in first, followed by Liam, Zayn, Louis, me, then Harry. As I walked through the door, Harry grabbed my ass. I turned on him and screamed, "Keep your hands off me you creep!" He looked very shocked and I was really glad. He was a creep. I stormed in, with half the place's heads turned toward us. I was enraged. I sat beside Liam and Niall. Who I knew would just eat and keep their mouths shut. I ordered their peri-peri chicken, Extra Hot. It was amazing. I was still super pissed at Harry. He could obviously tell, and he kept looking down at his chicken. Liam kept looking up at me, and I was planning to tell him, but just then, someone I wasn't expecting to see walked through the door...


A/N If anyone wants to be in my story, just ask! I need your name, hair color, eye color, etc. You can say who you want to like you, but I actually have some plans, so... I will put you where you're needed. Hope that's good, and hope anybody wants to be in this.... 

   ifancymyself! I told you I would update tonight! Thanks:) Love you! and thanks to thisisme726 for the inspiration for the end of the chapter;) 

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