Kirsten has been told she isn't worth a thing her whole life. She feels trapped, and one day, she decides to just go. Who would miss her anyway... That is until she meets One Direction


4. We Will Fight

Louis P.O.V 

   The girl had an amazing voice, and the way she played her guitar, so fluidly. She was very attractive, her legs were very long, and she was thin. She wore those skinny jeans perfectly. Her eyes were kind of shocking. They were perfectly blue, but then they went in to a flat gray. She was utterly beautiful. But then I thought about my girlfriend, Eleanor. Eleanor. I was happy with her. Wasn't I? Now that I thought about it... No. I love Eleanor. I shouldn't be thinking of other girls like that  when I have a girlfriend. Besides, I could instantly tell Harry might like her. So... I guess I should back off... I was the one in the relationship... Plus, if Harry dates her, I'll get to see her... I think it's bad that I want them to date for that. Wait. I barely know this girl. Whose to say she will have a relationship with any of us? I'm worrying for nothing. I'm sure. I just need to calm down, and interact like a normal person. "So, what are you doing down here?" 

   She looked down, very ashamedly and got fairly quiet. She looked up at me from under her eyelashes, and answered, "I am trying to make some money..." I was slightly taken aback, because, she could have a career, if she knew the right people. But, then again, only a lucky few got famous...

   "When did you get to London?" I asked, because her American accent was quite thick. I loved it!

   She answered back with a blush "Two hours ago..." She trailed. I was shocked. To say the least. Two hours ago????? Well, no wonder that's how she was making her money. Harry looked as if he wanted to say something.

   He spoke up,   "Want to come hang out at our house, it's just up there..." He was nervous and fidgety... Wait... Usually Harry just turned the confidence level up and charmed the girl. What was he playing at?

   She looked at us all in disbelief, I smirked at her, and she glared up at me. I immediately stopped smirking and looked down. She responded unsure, "I guess... I mean.. Yeah, I guess I could. Are you sure?" For some reason she looked to Liam, to make sure it was okay, I guess. He just smiled and nodded. She looked like someone had struck her in the face. I said kindly, "What's wrong, love?" She looked up at me in utter disbelief, and I wondered why. Then I thiught about it, One Direction were asking her is she wanted to 'hang out'. I was surprised she hadn't fainted.... Liam gestured for her to follow, but then she looked back at her stuff and we realized she couldn't leave it here. She grabbed her guitar, which ended up slung across her back, and placed it carefully in her case. I could tell that her was probably her prized possession. She unplugged her amp, and gathered the extension cord together, and hooked it on the handle of her amp. I grabbed her suitcase, and we walked up to our house. Harry just had to one up me, so he took her amp for her, Niall offered to carry her guitar, but she refused.

Harry's P.O.V 

   This girl was beautiful. Undoubtedly. I wanted he badly. Both physically, and, to honestly get to know her. We walked through the door, her head swiveling side to side, her eyes taking everything in. Louis said, "Welcome to our humble abode,'" As he gestured grandly with his hands. Our house was far from humble, but hell, we had five guys living here... We needed space! I figured since she just got off the plane, she might like a shower, so I piped up, "Kirsten? Would you like a shower? You can--" I was abruptly cut off mid sentence by a jealous Lou, "You can borrow mine, for the time being, She looked confused, and I knew then and there that Louis and I would fight for this girl, but he was forgetting one thing: He had a girlfriend. I was available, and management would love her, but not if she was the one who broke off Louis and El's relationship. I smiled deviously. Louis led her to his bathroom, and I hear music start. I could only tell it was an upbeat song, I heard some stopming which was probably dancing, and then she started to sing along, Her voice was truly beautiful...


Sorry that this chapter sucks, and its short, and it took so long, but doubles aren't easy, and I have major writers block, so please help me in the comments!! I would love you forever! But, I mean, I kind of pulled this chapter out of my as*, but whatevs, I tried... anyways, please help me out...

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