Kirsten has been told she isn't worth a thing her whole life. She feels trapped, and one day, she decides to just go. Who would miss her anyway... That is until she meets One Direction


6. Movie Night?

Emily's P.O.V. 

   I lied to Kirsten. I lied through my teeth. I found her plane ticket, a month before she even told me she was leaving. When she passed me, and I said, 'goodbye' I really had parked my car down the street, and I followed her. I bought my plane ticket for a flight about two hours after hers. Once I arrived in London, I wasn't sure where she would go, and I knew she may start to beg. I walked through the streets of London, until I realized I was starving! I found a Nando's, and everybody had a happy expression on their faces, which they were stuffing with food. All except one girl. One girl whose face I would never forget. She was mad. She was utterly pissed. But she was my sister, or good enough. I ran over to her, and her head snapped up. She processed everything, she stood up and stared at me in disbelief.

   "What are you doing here?!?!" She screamed at me.

    "What does it matter?!" And I smashed her with a hug. She was ecstatic, and so was I. I was so glad that I actually found her! I took in my surroundings, once we broke apart. I realized who she was sitting with. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor. She was sitting and eating with our idols since the end of Freshman year, when they went on the X-Factor! I looked at her and gaped like a fish. She giggled at my reaction. I gave her my death glare, but she was the only one that could death glare me back. They looked up at me, and Kirsten glanced at them.

   "Emma, this is One Direction!" She exclaimed and then continued with an arm gesture, "Harry," She said with a nasty ass look that I wouldn't want to be receiving, "Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis." She finished off. I made direct eye contact with Zayn. He was giving me the strangest look. Then I turned back to Kirsten, and said in sign language, 'What the hell happened in three hours you were here alone?' Kirsten and I learned sign language our freshman year. It was our secret way of telling secrets. And it irritated the shit out of everybody around us too. It was funny to watch people fluster. She then signed back, 'I started playing outside of their house, they took me to their house, I used their shower, and ended up here.' Oh dear Lord. Well... This is awkward. Then I realized that it wasn't. They all just went back to eating. Then I signed back, 'Why is Harry looking like a beat puppy?' She responded simply, 'He grabbed my ass.' She was pissed, and I gave him an indignant look behind his back. Whatevs. 

   She could be pissed that a celebrity even looked at her half-existent ass, or happy, whatever she was in the mood for. I said out loud, "Now, where are you staying, Kirsten?" She looked slightly down, only so I would notice. 

   "I have a place downtown... It's not very nice, but it has a bed!" She finished, trying to sound bright. I gave her a 'You'll tell me later,' look. The boys all looked up within ten seconds of each other and realized they were all done.

   Liam stood up and said, "Is that the time?! Well, we best be going." Then he started off alone. Then he realized nobody was following, then marched back. "Niall, shouldn't we be going?" He said with a pleading look. Then Harry stood also.

   "Why don't you girls come back to our pace for a little while?" I looked at Kirsten and almost started jumping up and down. 

   "Yes, why don't we?" I smirked. They walked us back to their house, and Kirsten went straight for the couch. Then Zayn squealed like a puppy, "MOVIE NIGHT! MOVIE NIGHT!"  Then he seemed to realize he had company, and simmered down. Harry gave him a look and Zayn continued with his inside voice, "I'll go pick one!" As he walked over to a very large cabinet, with about as many movies as a rental store. He pulled one out quickly, "Let's watch some classics!" He raised the movie 'Forrest Gump' above his head. We settled down among various chairs and couches. Kirsten was sat between Louis and I. Harry could tell he wouldn't be wanted quite yet. The movie started.

   I announced, "I've never seen this movie before!" Six heads turned towards me simultaneously.

   "Oh yeah! You told me that in 8th grade!" Kirsten piped up, but the other five sat in shock. Then they slowly turned back y=to the screen. I watched, and when it was over, I realized why it was a classic. We turned on 'Grease', 'Titanic', and 'Napoleon Dynamite'. All the while, they were giving me funny tasting cocoa. Kirsten and I. I just thought it was an English drink, or something.

Kirsten's P.O.V 

   Emily was here and everything was perfect. Movie night with One Direction. How did it get any better? Halfway through one of the movies, I asked Louis where the nearest bathroom was, and he started to lead me down a hallway. He pushed me up against a wall, and kissed me hard. I was feeling tingly, not from the kiss, but from the drink. I realized Louis had spiked it! I was too tipsy to stop, but when I actually thought about it, The kiss was amazing. When we went back to the couch, I fell asleep. I woke up on the same couch, recalled last night, and then I remembered, Louis Tomlinson has a girlfriend


A/N: Sorry for not updating, but first week of highschool.... kinda swamped! Sorry! But I hope it's worth the wait. It may not be, but I hope it is:) 

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