Kirsten has been told she isn't worth a thing her whole life. She feels trapped, and one day, she decides to just go. Who would miss her anyway... That is until she meets One Direction


3. London at Last

Kirsten's P.O.V

   I stepped out of the airplane, with my luggage in tow, and I got a cab. I told him the adress of the storage units. We got there and he asked me if I wanted him to wait. I replied with a "No, I'm fine," I plaid him and he sped of to find a new customer. It was early in the morning, because of time difference, so I walked in to my unit, and inspected all of my stuff. None was damaged too badly. I was about to shut my door and go buy an extension cord, when I saw one in the corner. I pulled it out and saw it may actually work. 

   I decided to go scope out the city, for a good spot to play. I strolled down the sidewalk, and found the perfect spot. There were tons of girls walking up and down, so I figured if I did any girlish covers, they may actually like me. It was around lunch time, so I pulled out my card, and swiped it at the local Taco Bell. The food was amazing. I love Taco Bell. I went back to my spot, and looked for an outlet. I saw one in a back alley. It was kind of sketchy, but that's okay. It would work. 

   When I got back to my unit I pulled my cord around my shoulders and heaved my amp out. I shut the doors, and I was off to my first day in London! I set up my guitar and amp and tuned myself. I did like I saw in the movies with the propped up case. I started to play Begin Again, by Taylor Swift. I got a few people to look, and a couple pounds in change. I kept playing song after song, playing good, but only bringing in a pound per song. Then I played What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction, and the girls started to freak out! They came up to me and one threw a ten pound note at my face! I couldn't thank her enough. I hit the chorus, and another voice joined mine. Then another, and another, until I could hear five voices accompanying mine. The girls screamed ever louder, and I looked behind me...

   I saw five familiar faces. I jumped up before fully ending the song, and screamed. The look on their faces was pure terrified. I realized I was face-to-face with One Direction. I stood there speechless with all of the screaming girls behind me and them. Harry spoke up first, "Hello love. You play beautifully. And your voice matches it perfectly." 

  I stammered a "Tha-thank-nk y-you!" They laughed at my stutter. 


Harry's P.O.V

   We walked down our drive, and saw this light brown haired girl playing the guitar and singing down there, and Liam suggested going down there to sing with her. I walked down there a pace ahead of everybody else. Her hair was wavy and long. She looked at ease playing there. I vaguely wondered why a beautiful girl like her was begging in London. I joined her as I realized she was singing one of our songs. The rest of the boys joined, and the fans went crazy. They adored her because we were singing with her. I irrelevantly thought, 'We have the best fans..' She whipped around, close to the end of the song, and let out a scream. I'm sure I looked terrrrrrified (How many r's are there;) So did the others. I plucked up my courage and complimented her, "Hello love. You play beautifully. And your voice matches it perfectly." She stammered a thank you, and we laughed at her stuttering. 

   Her eyes darkened, and she said, "Who are you to laugh at me?!"

   I responded with a reasonable, "I'm Harry Styles, and I only laughed because it was cute,".

   Her eyes softened a little, They were a nice shade of blue-gray. All of us were single except Louis, but Zayn didn't look interested, and Liam was cool about the whole thing, so I wasn't sure, but Niall looked intrigued. Louis looked flat out interested. I bet I did too. I asked her "What's you name, babe?"

   She answered timidly, "Kirsten Jade..." It was truly a lovely name... I wondered which one of us would get Kirsten. 


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