Flying Angel

A horse and a person both have had hard times but came together now they work as one.
Flying Colors has had a hard hard life of abuse and trama. Kate has a hard life of stress and bullies. When they both meet what will become.


1. New Home

Horse's Pov

When I came into this world no one wanted me. My owners prized mare died and a scrawny foal was left in her place, that's me. I was born to be a racehorse, nothing more. I wanted to fly across the track from the minute my legs held me up. All I could do was run and that's all I intended to do.

When my owner first started training me I was 1 year old, he used harsh hands and mean sounds. Soon he was not feeding me enough, I hardly had enough energy to run I wanted to make him proud but I couldn't. He started to use a whip. He would smack me if I didn't go fast enough.

I was getting stronger, but at the same time weaker. I was gaining muscle but loosing weight quickly. One day I couldn't get up from laying down my owner came in and started to kick me, I got up but quickly fell back down. I couldn't even stand. He brought out a gun and tried to shoot me but I got up and in a panic started running like a true racehorse. I opened my stride and was soon half way across my field but there was a fence coming up and I knew what I had to do. I gathered my stride and launched over it. I started to run again not knowing where I was going. I was away from the horrible man. The trick would be finding a new owner.

I found another barn as I was galloping through the forest. It was a nice place with well fed horses but I didn't know how to get in, so I jumped the fence to the field and started eating the green grass. When the barn hand came to grab all the horses he found that there was an extra one he didn't recognize in the field.  I found a new home.

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