The Winner

Emma is 18 and she just moved to the UK, she is in LOVE with one direction, there is a contest to spend a month with the One Direction. In a twisted turn of events, 2 of them fall for her. Can she be mature about this and pick one without ruining their friendship?


1. Alittle About Me

Emma's POV:


I'm Emma, I'm 18. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, My hair is long and very shiny I love it! I just graduated from high school and now I'm moving to England! I have been saving up for this since I was 12. When I was 8 my mom left us and my dad took it very badly, he has been an alcoholic and he has abused me ever since last year. He did stop for like two years until my brother passed away in a car crash about 3 years ago. Last year he found an awesome girl or woman to make him happy, and not drink to much.


        A/N: Hiya! I am Kat, and Im new at this whole writing thingy so don't judge lol, anyway please like this story and tell me what you think should happen ps I already have stuff written so ya sorry for the short chapters and wrong spelling! love you! Kat Tomlinson!

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