Haley is a poet. She likes to spend her days on a rocky cliff on a beach writing, by herself. She lives in an abandoned house alone. One day she falls off the cliff into the water below, but will she fall more than once?


3. Questions and Answers

Haley's POV

"Hi, my names Liam" the handsome boy said politely. "I'm Haley" I said in reply. "You know you're beautiful, right?" he said with a smile and a wink. I could feel my cheeks turn bright red. "Well, I should get going home." I said frowning, while thinking of the cold, dark house. "Why are you frowning?" he asked while wearing a concerned look on his face. "I live alone in an abandoned house." I said.

Liam's POV

WHAT?!?!? SHE LIVED ALONE?!? IN AN ABANDONED HOUSE?!? I just can't let her go. Ever. I think she may be the one for me, my soul mate. "Do you, um, want to come to my house and live with me?" I asked. "Sure. I'd love to." she replied while wearing a huge smile on her face. I couldn't wait to ask her one more big question.


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