The Marauders - SIX

The story of how four became six....


2. What now?!?

Me and Severus talked quite a lot while we were on the train. He learnt i was Muggle born and i learnt what the difference is between Pure Bloods and Mudbloods...but he told me one thing,"never let ANYONE call you a Mudblood without you punching rhem in the face right after." I laughed at his statment and started to drift off.

I woke with a fright as the compartment door opened. The boy with messy hair and round glasses came sauntering in. He ignored Severus and sat down beside me. 

"Wanna play truth or dare?" He asked. But before i could say no, he replied for me,"ok then im guessing you'll choose Dare!" He gave me a lopsided grin and i looked at Severus in despair. Severus on the other hand just watched the boy and judged what the dare was.

"I dare you to kiss me..." He stated and looked me in the eyes as i replied, i used a quote from a Muggle TV show my Father watches. 

"I would if i could, but i can't so i shan't!" And with that i pulled him from his seat and shoved him out of the room towards his mates that were waiting outside,"And just before you go.."i snarled at them,"if you EVER come near me or my friend again, you WILL regret it.." 

Just then i got tugged into my compartment again and i looked around to see Severus shaking his head vigurously. "Don't Lily!" He whispered,"I don't want you hurt!" He croaked the last part and i pulled him into a hug. 

"Severus, as long as you're getting bullied by them, I'm going to be involved." I stated and pulled away from the hug as i realised he was already in his robes. I slipped mine on over my muggle clothes and smiled at him. I pulled my hands from behind my back and produced a Lily flower out of nowhere, it had grown from my hand, and i passed it to him. "This Lily should last forever!" I said cheerfully,"and hopefully so will our friendship." 

He just nodded and stared at the Lily then back at me. "If you get hurt by those boys I'll kill them you know that don't you?" I just stared and nodded slowly. Thats when the train stopped, that's when i shouted...and that's how i learned about my first spell.

"What now!?!?!" 

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