The Marauders - SIX

The story of how four became six....


1. The Meeting

I've never known myself to be anything but a noormal girl...until the letter. A letter saying i was a witch and that i must attend a school for witchcraft and wizardry. My sister now hates me for the  simple fact that - I am not like her. I am walking across the platform 9 at Kings Cross station where i am waiting for my Parents to catch up. I got to the middle of the two platforms - 9 & 10 -  i dont know where Platform 9 3/4 is....but i see a boy about my age with black hair, and a kind face, waiting for his parents. He whisper yells to them,"Come ON we've got to get on the Hogwarts Express now!" And i know he's a Wizard straight away. 

"Excuse me?" I ask him and the kind faced boy turns to me, looks at me for a second and replys. 

"Yes?" He says and i explain my situation just as my parents and his get to us. 

"Oh thats alright! All you have to do is run straight ahead into the wall and you'll go through it and straight into platform 9 3/4!" His Father replys...he must of heard what i told the boy. 

"Severus Snape," The boy introduces himself,"by the way!" He holds out his hand and i take it gratefully. "Lily Evans!" I exclaim and with that i run at the barrier and go straight through.

As i get through i see another group of boys and chat to them, and their sister, as i wait for Severus. A second later i see Severus run through the wall, just to be tripped up by a boy with Black messy hair and round glasses.

I walk over and push the boy away and say to him,"Oi! Leave my friend alone who do you think you are?!?!" He just stares at us and laughs. 

"Have to get a girl to do a boys job do you?" And with that the boy with glasses leaves and starts a conversation with another black messy haired boy.

"Are you ok Severus?" I asked timidly, he nodded and picked himself up as i helped him with his owl and trolley. 

"Yes i'm fine Lily thank you." He tells me and we get on the train. 

"What do you think Hogwarts is like Severus?" I ask him. He stares at me for a bit then chooses his answer.

"I have no idea but i hope we can stay friends when we're there!"he starts,"even if we're in different houses..." I smile at him and nod sharpley. I grab his hand and pull him inside an empty compartment.

"Always." I said.

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