The Marauders - SIX

The story of how four became six....


4. Huh?

The next thing i saw after a light in...well i think in the shape of an animal.....after i saw that the next thing i saw was darkness.


I woke up in a hospital of some kind with sweets and treats all around me and a man with a long silvery beard before me. He stares at me for a while and i take all the courage i can muster, to say something,"Hello."

"Hello young Lily." He greeted,"so you are finally awake?" He looks at me curiously and i nod very quickly. "Excuse me Sir but who exactly are you?" I asked,"and what happened?"

"I am Professor Dumbledore! Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" He answered,"It seems that Voldemort-" he waits for some kind of reaction that does not come,"Oh you do not know..well yes Voldemort is a very powerful Wizard who went bad..who is still bad. He is Muggle terms.." I nodded understanding what he meant.

"Well he has been using Dementors from the Ministry of Magic against us all. And he sent some onto the Hogwarts Express, to be a warning, and one targeted you." 

I knew what the Ministry of Magic was and i knew what Dementors were. I had done research. I know what they do as well. That's how i put two and two together and remember Severus. "But Sir what about Severus?!?" I asked.




sorry for the short chapter i'm kind of out of ideas at the moment <3

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