The Marauders - SIX

The story of how four became six....



Everything went cold. So...So cold. It was like my Sole itself was cold. That there was no Happyness. No happy thoughts in the world. 

That's what it felt like when the Dementor targeted me when it cam into my compartment. 

That's when Sev showd me a spell, my first spell. That's when he saved my life. When i heard the scream.

When i heard all the unhappy thoughts i had taken and put away...this is when they came back.

When i could no longer walk. Stand. Crawl even. The only thing i could do...was sit there....getting the life sucked out of me. 

When all my Memorys flashed before my eyes -

Seeing my big sister for the first time -

Getting My Hogwarts Letter 

Listenig to Spice Girls while writing an essay

First realising i was magic

going to Diagon Alley

Standing up to the boy...

Meeting Sev.

All of my happy memories flashing in front of my eyes, before they withered and died away.

This is when i heard the first spell ever...this is when i saw a spell. For the first time. 


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