I found out that.....

Katherine,ema and Cassidy thought that they were normal but one day they find a box when they were digging dirt the boxes said they're names on it what will be in the boxes?


1. The boxes

Cassidy's pov

me katherine and ema were at home just diggin the dirt in the ground because we were bored katherine yelled that she found a box she took the box out of the ground and tried opening the box but couldnt

katherines pov

i found a box in the dirt and tried opening it but couldn't it said emas name i showed ema and said let me see it plz.i gave it to her and once she touched it it opened she took out a stick and a book out i took the book and read it.it said that the sticks were actually Wands and that there was more in the same place i dogged in the same hole and found 2 more boxes i gave the one that said Cassidy's name on it to Cassidy it opened when she touched it.i touched mine and it opened.

the color of the wands-emas wand color-baby blue.cassidys wand color-blue.katherines wand color-purple and black.

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