A new feeling

18 year old Maddy Banks father died to years ago and now lives with her abusive stepfather and her mother leaves her and ignored her.One day Maddy escapes from her step-dads evil clutches and meets her favorite band One direction and meets her celebrity crush.


3. My story


I was shivering now.I was so cold. I was wearing jeans,a blue yankees sweatshirt and pink and black hi-tops. I brought my legs up to my chin and hugged my legs.Niall saw I was freezing and hugged me tighter wrapping his arms around my back and legs.He pulled my head onto his chest and put his cheek on my temple.His warm breath on my face.So cute so loving he was the perfect guy for any girl on this planet.I know I just met him but I think I'm falling for him...HARD.


Shes so beautiful!Ive never met a girl like her before! She IS perfect...."do u have a mom,too?"I asked her"uh...n.no...well...I do but she leaves me with that monster for months,strolls in the door like she's the queen,yells at me for being a horrible daughter and leaves again..."I sigh.I lift her head with my finger,our noses almost touching,she's blushing a lot which makes me feel happy inside."don't worry about anyone who thinks negative about you!Your perfect!Your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen,your so nice,and I wanna get to know you."I said tears rushing down her face.She was so beautiful and the tears are breaking my heart. "C'mon" I said "where?" She asked confused and unsure."we'll you have nowhere to go so come stay with me for a little" I said excitedly holding out my hand for her to take it,to my surprise she did!We walked down the street holding hands."we gotta get you to a bathroom!" I teased as we walked into my house"Hey Niall where have you been?" Louis asked"who's she?" "I'll talk to you guys later.And with that Maddy and I went into the bathroom and cleaned her wound.

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