A new feeling

18 year old Maddy Banks father died to years ago and now lives with her abusive stepfather and her mother leaves her and ignored her.One day Maddy escapes from her step-dads evil clutches and meets her favorite band One direction and meets her celebrity crush.


4. Meeting Liam!

Wow!Who was that girl with Niall!She was beautiful even though her eyebrow was bleeding.I don't know who she was but it looked like my mate,Niall,really liked her.Hes so lucky she's the prettiest girl in the world!"who was that?" Harry asked "yeah,who was that?" Zany asked tryin to hide his love struck look.i giggles and shrugged. I got up and walked to the bathroom *knock* *knock* Niall opened the door and grinned."hey mate" he said with a bloody rag in his hand."you ok?"I asked the girl.She looked at Niall.he nodded and mouthed to her "it's ok".That was odd.She shyly smiles and said yes in a small soft voice.The blood was gone and there was a small scrape like cut just above the eyebrow."good"I said "Liam this is Maddy Banks!"he smiled and blushed."pleasure meeting you Maddy" "you too"she said as quiet as a mouse.Shes a shy lad,isn't she? I smiled at Niall so focused on her wound making her feel better.It was so nice to see he found a girl he liked!She may be pretty but she's Not and never will be my girl.


I was still cold..freezing actually.Niall and Liam saw me shaking so Liam got a blanket and Niall wrapped me up in it and picked me up,bringing me to the couch.Niall sat down next to me and introduced me to everyone.After I got comfortable and not scared around the boys we wanted to play a game!"TRUTH OR DARE!!"Lou shouted."if it'll get you to stop shouting fine!" Harry said. I giggled, Niall blushed and whispered"you have the cutest laugh" I blushed and smiled.Zayn noticed us and said "awwwe NIALL!" Niall blushed and the boys laughed.

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