A new feeling

18 year old Maddy Banks father died to years ago and now lives with her abusive stepfather and her mother leaves her and ignored her.One day Maddy escapes from her step-dads evil clutches and meets her favorite band One direction and meets her celebrity crush.


2. James is taken away


We heard police sirins so off driving past the street.She stood up shaking a little,I got up to still hugging her. The car stopped at a red light and a man with handcuffs was in the back seat of the police car.Maddys eyes got wide and scared."James?" "Who?" I asked confused. She laughed mocking him as he looked out the window"haha!" She mocked. The man saw her and started freaking out in the car.He looked like he belonged in a mental hospital the way he was acting.He went to the window banging his head on the glass to get free.With every bang Maddy flinched."I WILL FIND YOU AND KILL YOU MADISON!JUST WAIT YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" We heard him scream.The police woman in the passenger seat tasered him and he calmed down just staring at us.Maddy was trembling at this point...then I realized that,that's the man that hit her.i was fuming and she was crying a little."don't worry it's ok,he won't hurt u anymore" her eyes full of hurt.I threw my arms around her and wrapped her into a big hug and kissed her cheek,which made this James character even more pissed"it's ok"I whispered 


James had me trembling.He said he'll kill me!The police are taking him away for a while so I get to start new.Im an adult I don't know why I'm still with that beotch!i kept hearing Niall say its ok.It comforted me.Then he kissed me.I had an amazing feeling I haven't felt since my dad died.Love.I blushed like crazy!He noticed and smiled.I can tell he wanted to do it again but he was just to shy too.We crouched down again and sat on the slide.Him still hugging me I was shaking...not of fear but I was cold.I never felt anything before I was always numb and didn't feel anything because I was so depressed.I have feelings again and I'm not depressed!

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