A new feeling

18 year old Maddy Banks father died to years ago and now lives with her abusive stepfather and her mother leaves her and ignored her.One day Maddy escapes from her step-dads evil clutches and meets her favorite band One direction and meets her celebrity crush.


1. Hate to hugs



"COME HERE YOU LITTLE SLUT!" My step-father yelled as I walked into the door"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!""uhh....s-school" I stammered nervously.James,my step-dad,snarled"who said you can go there?" "My uh...." I didn't know what to say.it was my father who sent me of course,like any other loving dad.If I said his name I would get beat.Anyone who menchoned him would."Who?Your little dead daddy?" He yelled sarcastically and laughed. My little dead daddy? Imaganary tears flooded my eyes. I was furious!His abuse taught me how to hide my feelings well so noone can know.he lit a cigar and puffed smoke in my face. i coughed at the dreadful stench of that cigar."you like that dont you?your gonna be a drunk,whore and smoker when you grow up! I cant stand you"He screamed and punched my jawline,knocking me on the floor."get up baby I didn't even hit you that hard." He snarled and pulled me up by the hair.*wee woo**wee woo* police sirens where heard coming down the street."get upstairs...NOW"he wailed and threw me to the stairs.I scrambled up the steps,grabbed my backpack,packed it with an extra pair of clothes,snacks and sweatpants with a t-shirt for pjs. I climbed out my window.While on the roof the police went by. That was an excellent distraction."WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!YOUR NOT GETTING AWAY THAT EASY!" He screamed. He had a thick chain link in his hand and threw it at me."OWWW!" I screamed.The chain hit just above my eyebrow and started bleeding.I just ignored it,grabbed the chain and flinged it at James's feet wrapping around it and tripping him"good shot Maddy" I smiled and said to myself. I jumped the roof onto the ground safely on my feet and hands.I got up and ran blocks.Suddenly I came up to a park,I wanted to hide in the slide so I walked up there.Inside the slide was a handsome boy with blind hair and blue eyes,it was my celeb. Crush Niall Horan!"hi" Niall said turning around.I was scared. I loved listening to his songs but meeting someone new for me is scary,but in the pit of my stomach I felt like I could trust him."don't be afraid beautiful"he said calmly."I'm Maddy B-Banks" I stammered and he smiled even blushed a little."Hi Maddy" he said in a soft tone I loved.I waved back. 




She was so quiet,So beautiful.She had some blood on here eyebrow.I put my hand out for her to shake it and she flinched.Someone has hit her!this made me fuming but it wasn't my place.We just met."are you ok?i know we just met but you can tell me"I smiled immediately regretting the question.She broke down and cried,Head buried in her hand.Why did I ask that!Im a stupid jerk."Maddy?im sorry..."I said patting the slide wanting her to sit with me.She looked up and sat with me,still crying.I threw my arms around her.She flinched again.I couldn't help it.I put my head on her temple and hugged her"shhh..it's ok I won't hurt you." I whispered wiping her tears away."I promise"I said softly kissing her cheek.i could tell she liked that but I was too shy to do it again."it's ok I said comforting her.....wow I liked her a lot!

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