Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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19. "You Told Him You Love Him"

Cyan's P.O.V

I woke up too a sweet smell come from downstairs.

Inside made me feel.....

my mom is down there making food for me.....

but no she is gone.

I sigh and try too hold back the tears threatening too fall.

I get up and look down and see i was in different clothes.

I knitted my eyebrows in confusion.

What even happened last night?

I walked out of the bedroom and walked in the kitchen and saw justin just wearing his boxers and flipping pancakes.

He didn't notice me so i was just examining his back.

He started humming and i was trying too hold a laugh too escape.

Justin flipped it again and he grabbed the pan and turned around and he saw me and he flinched and caused the pancake too fly up in the air and land perfectly on his head and he dropped the pan.

I put my hand too my mouth and started laughing hard.

I ran over too him and took the pancake off his head and put it in the trash.

I look back at him and get the pancake stuff out of his hair.

I saw his eyes were looking in my eyes and kept looking at my lips.

"I was gonna make food for you.... until you scared the living shit out me"he laughed.

I smiled at him.

"I'm sorry i didn't mean too " i wined.

He giggled.

Justin turned off the stove and picked everything up and put things away as i watched him.

Once he was done he looked at me and smiled.

"So you remember last night?"he asked.

Uh Oh.

"Please tell me nothing happened"i plead.

He smiled.

"Because trust me i didn't want too wake up with you next too me wearing nothing"i puffed.

I looked at justin and he looked kinda hurt.

"No nothing happened absolutely nothing"he scoffed and stormed out of the kitchen.

I was taken back.

"Justin!"i screamed running out of the kitchen following him.

I grabbed his arm and tugged him to turn around.

"What do you want i told you all you needed too know about last night ..... i'm glad the only thing you worried about was waking up with me again..... but its all good because ...... guess what..... nothing happened."he said rolling his eyes and scoffing.

He looked pissed.

I didn't mean too hurt him.....

but i did hurt him.

"I'm sor- He cut me off.

"And everything you said last night ..."he said grabbing his outfit.

"It was bullshit"he growled.

He got his bathroom things.

"I went too bed smiling because i was so proud and happy about the thing you told me last night"he said passing me.

"I guess i got my fucking hopes up"he said walking to the stairs but then he stopped again.

"Again"he growled before running up the stairs with his things.

I was so confused.....

what did i tell him last night?

Oh my god can i have like a tv that shows me the past.

I run my hands threw my hair.

I run up stairs and get dressed quickly before justin gets out of the shower.

run down stairs and sit on the couch and put my head in my hands just trying too think about what happened.

I looked over at justin's phone and i got a idea pop in my head.

I still heard the water run so i sneak my way too the phone and i get on the phone.

I got in his messages and i saw chaz was the top one. I clicked and saw the conversation now i have some good news..

C:Okeyy ryan's here too so he can hear this "Good News"

I go too his phone book and get chaz and call his number. 

I put justin's phone too my ear. 

C:Sup bro

Cy:Chaz it's cyan

C:Okey then hey gurl

i giggled at chaz.

Cy:I need you too tell me what justin told you

The line went silent.

C:Um you don't remember last night

Cy:Justin won't tell me and i made him mad by saying something and yea so i need you too tell me so i know whats up. 

C:I don't know.....

Cy: chaz spill or i will tell jasmine you obsess over her and you name your pillows after her and you cuddle with them i swear to god chaz.

C:Ok ok.... um well you said....

Justin walked in the living room making contact with me and he saw i was on his phone and his fury grew.

C:You told him you loved him

I heard those words and i felt like i was gonna faint.

I ended it and justin stormed over with his towel around his waist.

He snatched it from my hands and threw it on the couch.

"What the fuck?"he spat.

I just stood there looking at him in amazement.

"You have your own damn phone... why were you even t-I grabbed his neck and pulled him too me and i put my lips against his roughly.

Justin was taken back at first but then he tangled his hands in my hair and started kissing back.

He slid his tongue across my bottom lip and i opened my mouth for his tongue too roam my mouth.

My hands tangle with his wet hair and he had a good hand on my ass.

He moaned into the kiss and i did too.

We both pulled away and we were both breathing heavy and looking at each other amazed.

That was one of the best feelings in my whole life.....

"W-What was that for?"he asked.

I shrugged and shook my head.

"I just did it because... um....i wanted too know if i actually do..."i said.

He looked at me confused.

"If i actually love you " i said.

He smiled from ear to ear.

"Well?"he asked.

I smiled slightly.

"Do you love me justin?"i asked.

He looked at me for a second and smirked.

"I love you" he said.

My heart skipped a beat.

I went up and kissed him again and laid my forehead against his .

"I love you too"i said kissing his nose.

He looked at me shockingly .

"Yea and i'm not drunk if you were wondering"i said playfully.

We both laughed.



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