Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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12. "You think i'm scared baby?"

Cyan's P.O.V

"I'm not jealous" i squint my eyes.

He gave me a stupid look.

"Oh really you call me a ass for saying hi too those girls..." he said.

I roll my eyes.

"There sluts and are annoying "i spat.

"I know i remember from freshman year..." he said.

I raised my eyebrow.

"What happened?" i asked.

He pointed at me and smiled big.

"What?" i asked.

"See your jelly ... if you werent you wouldn't have cared what happened in freshman year.."he said jumping.

I scoff.

"Justin i'm not jealous of them-

"But your jealous they get the dick and you don't"he said patting his man area.

I made a puke noise and he smiled.

"Oh bieber... why would i be jealous ... i mean those girls have too ask but me.... you always just give it to me no questions asked.." i said walking past him.

I could feel him run behind me.

"Yo shawty hold up" he said grabbing my arm.

"Yes" i asked.

"So you want it" he asked with a smirk.

i scoffed.

"I'll stick with derek's i mean it is the exactly the same right?" i said patting his arm.

I started walking away again.

"Um no mine is bigger " he called out.

I look back at him.

"Your gross" i said walking in the room.

I sat down next too nicole and said hi before writing stuff from the board.

Justin comes in and the girls squeal and i close my ears.

"That's so annoying" nicole said.

I nodded.

Justin walked over too me and lowered himself and everyone was looking at me.

"You like it" he whispered in my ear before sitting behind me .

I roll my eyes.

Mr. Brox walked in and looked over and saw justin and his eyes got big.

"Justin!" he screamed.

"Yo Mr.Brox!!!!"justin screamed behind me.

I held my ears because justin yelled in them.

"Thanks for breaking my fucking ear drum" i whisper.

I heard a chuckle escape justin's lips.

"Nice too have my favorite student back !"Mr.Bronx cheered.

"Justin where is derek?"he asked.

"He is in L.A" i spoke .

Mr.Bronx Death stared me.

"I was talking too Justin, Ramsey. "he said demanding.

I rolled my eyes.

"I don't give a -

"Mr.Bronx he's getting my mom from L.A"justin cut me off.

I looked back at justin and he smiled and i scoffed.

Nicole tapped me and i turned too face her.

She motioned to me and justin and i just swatted my hands too tell her later.

"Wanna hang after school?"she asked.

I shook my head and she clapped her hands.

"Mrs. Soria, Mrs. Ramsey would you please come up here?"Mr.Bronx asked.

I got up and looked at justin and he winked.

We walk too the front of the class were everyone was staring .

"Since you think learning is less important about what we are talking about then how about you tell us all what you were talking about, lady's?"Mr.Bronx asked.

I rolled my eyes and looked at nicole.

"Well we were-"

"Nicole was asking cyan a question Mr. B"Justin said cutting me off.

I look at justin with a famous "What The Fuck" look.

"Is that true lady's "We both nodded .

Mr.Bronx Shooed us .

I walked over too my desk and i looked at justin.

"Thanks" i said quietly.

"Anytime beautiful.."he whispered.

I shivered and continued doing my work.


"Remember Projects Due Friday, Bye now"the teacher said.

We all got up and headed too the door.

I was talking too nicole about the project we are doing together but of course justin doesn't have too do a damn thing.

"Now tell me!!!!!"she said jumping up and down.

"Ok so here's what happen-

"Waz up girls" justin said coming in are conversation.

Which caused some groans too escape me and nicole's mouths.

"Look it's the worlds most famous pop star barging in are conversation"Nicole said .

I laugh.

"Again" i corrected .

"What were you guys talking about?"he asked.

Me and nicole looked at each other and nicole smirked.

"We were talking about how she use to lovvvvvveeeee you and your music..but then it faded away then she met derek then met you..."nicole blurted out.

I pushed her."What the hell nicole."i yelled.

I avoided justins gaze and i grabbed nicole and dragged her down too Mrs.Summers room.

I sat down and slumped in my seat.

A piece of paper hit my arm and i turn my head and look at justin.

I looked like i could kill in any second.

He put his hands up in surrender.

I look around and see the teacher is out so i see others talking and around the room.

I got us slowly and my anger was going too explode any second.

I slowly walkover there and justin kinda looked...


I got up and grabbed his shirt and held it tight in my hands and felt like i was gonna rip it in half.

"It was a big mistake a big fucking mistake."i growled.

It looks like i would kill justin any second.

My own actions scared me.

"You think i'm scared baby" he whispered.

My grip got tighter and it looked like i could choke him.

"Don't fucking call me that ass hole" i whisper spat.

His smiled faded and he licked his lips.

"Fucking make me baby" he whispered.

I quivered at his hot breath against my skin.

He laid his hand on my side and grabbed it and pulled it off and dug my nails in his skin of the hand.

He had no reaction just the same one of amusement.

"Doesn't hurt" he whispered.

"Ok class back too seats!"Mrs.Summers screamed.

I let got off justin and he fixed his shirt and sit back in his chair.

I walk back too my seat and look at nicole and she gave me a  look and i swat again and she groaned and i smiled lightly. 


We walked too my locker and i got my things and looked around and found no sign of justin then i breathed out again.

"Ok so me and-

"Aye Yo"justin voice came in again.

He came up to Nicole and I.

I banged my head on the locker.

"He won't fucking leave me alonnnneeee"i cried.

Justin walked up and looked at me and i growled.

"O niceee kitty"he said playfully.

Nicole laughed to and i death stared her and she stopped and cleared her throat.

"What the fuck do you want now?" i asked.

"I wanna know if you girls wanna ride too nicoles"he asked.

"Wait how did you know cyan was coming ?"nicole asked.

Justin pointed too his ear.

"You were listening too us?" i asked.

"I can hear everything"justin said.

I scoffed.

"Lucckkkyyy"nicole said.

We all laughed.

"But do you?"he asked more towards me.

"I don't-SURE"Nicole cut me off.

I look at her again with the look and she smiled.

"Leggo" Me and nicole walked behind him and i trailed my eyes down his back and i saw his ass.

Pretty good looking ass for a guy...


I come back too reality and see i'm still staring at it...


Nicole nudged me.

I looked at her and she winked and i rolled my eyes.

We got too his car and me and nicole sat in the back and justin was driving.

We listen too big sean and started dancing around.

Justin pulled up too nicole's.

Me and nicole waved too justin and when we got too the door justin called my name.

I turn my head.

"Can i talk too you a minute?"he asked.

I give nicole the finger and she walked in and i made my way too the car but then justin was walking towards me .

When he reached me he grabbed me and pushed me too him and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight.

I was standing there dumbfound.

He was breathing on my neck which made me tickle. 

He pulled away and i just had a surprised face.

"What was that for?" i asked.

"For everything....for being a dick....for hurting you.... for .... just or everything ok?" he said. I nodded and smiled weak.

"And my hand really hurts"he said rubbing it.

'"Oh my i didn't" i said grabbing his hand and examing it .

"You did" he laughed.

"sorry" i said rubbing his hand.

He shrugged.

"I deserved it " he admitted it.

I hug him again.

"Justin i think we should really tell derek what happened..." i whispered.

He nodded.

"Friends" i said holding my hand out.

He just pushed my arm and hugged me again.

He pulled away and got in his car and drove away.

I made my way in the house and see nicole and jasmine and jake all looking out the window then the snap there heads in my direction and stand straight and act like nothing happened.

"Were you watching?" i asked.

They all nodded.

"I didn't know the guys were coming" I said patting there cheeks.

They all laughed.

"Well we wanna hear about this you and derek.... and you and justin story nicole keeps complaining about."jasmine said.

Nicole playfully pushed jasmine.

They all sat down and i stand in front of them.

I told them the whole story and the waking up with justin thing and all that crap and they had not emotion they were just thinking.

"Wow"the all said.

I nodded.

"Your fuckeeeddddd " nicole said.

I sigh.




C=Hello derek are you there?

D=No stop it you look great .... yeaa girl 

C=What the fuck?

D=Yea lets go *Girls voice * 

He is with another girl? What the fuck is going on?


D=Nah i don't want her too know 

I hung up and everyone was talking about something. 

I dialed justins number quick.

J=Aye Sup

C=Does derek know any other girls?

J=Wait what?

C=Does he know any other girls?

J=I mean he knows selena but-

C=Where is she?

J=Ummm why do-

C=Where the fuck is she?

J=In L.A why are-


J=Whoa calm down why are you asking these questions?

C=He butt dialed and i eard him talking too this girl and he was tellling her she looked good and "she" will never know...

J=Wait wait wait hold up hold up... you think he is cheating?

The line went quiet and i just sighed. 

C=Justin?would he?

he sighed deeply.


That was just a simple

J=Just calm down... let me get too the bottom of this....

C=Wait justin?


C= will you promise me if he is.... you won't tell me



J=But only for you...

The line went dead.

I put my phone on the table and i put my head in my hands and i began too cry.

"Come on cyan lets do this project!"nicole screamed.

I wiped the tears away and fixed myself.

"Coming!" i screamed.

Justin's P.O.V

I dialed derek's number and i waited.

The line picked up and i could hear music and laughing and screaming in the back and i rolled my eyes.

D=What up bro!

J=Hey um derek where are you?

D=Just at home


J=Then why is there so much noise and people in the back ground.

D=Ok ok me and selena -


D=Yea bro i saw her in L.A and we started talking and she invited me too a party so i went.

J=What if cyan figures out bro...

D=I mean it wouldn't matter i'm just gonna have a couple drinks bro calm your tits.

J=I HAVE NO TITS!And just a couple drinks turns into a lot. even with selena.

D=*Laugh* Hey selena can you get me another drink pweaseee!!!! 


D=Gotta go bro see ya!

The line went dead and i threw my phone. Well guess what i'm not gonna tell cyan tomorrow.


I wake up too the door bell ringing.

I got up and looked at myself i was just wearing boxers.

I shrugg and walk down stairs and see its raining outside and its dark.

I look at the time it read 3:00am i shrug and open the door.

I rub my eyes and yawn then look up and see cyan soaked and with tears on here cheeks holding her phone.

" I need someone right now" she said .

I look at her in shock.

I pull her in and she lifted her sweater up and i saw her bloody arm and 4 deep cuts.

I gasp.

I pull her in the bathroom and get the things for the cuts and i slowly pet her scars with alcohol and clean up the blood.

She was dripping on the floor from the wet clothes. 

"Take this off" i pointed too her and she nodded.

She lifted her sweater over her head and she took off her pants.

I handed her a shirt of mine and some sweats.

She put it on and she started crying in  her hands.

I took her hands and put them away and she wrapped her hands around my body and she cried against my bare chest.

I felt her tears.

I started petting her head.

"Why did you do it?" i asked.

She looked up at me.

"I was stressed" she said.

I shake my head.

"Thats not a reason " i said.

She wiped my chest with the sleeve and just drew circles on my bare chest trying not too stare at me.

"You didn't tell me..."she said.

I sigh.

"Its true isn't it" she asked.

I look at her watery eyes.

"No more crying stop just stop" i said wiping away her tears.

"You kept your promise..." she said putting her hand on my cheek.

"Yes" i said.

"Please tell me" she plead.

"I-I can't " i said.

She pushed me away and walked into the kitchen i followed her and she searched threw the drawers and she took a knife out.

I run over and try too pull it away from her wrist.

"STOP!"I scream wrestling her for the knife.

She tried too slit her wrist but she finally pulled back and went again it slit my arm and yelped in pain and fell on the floor.

Cyan dropped the knife and fell too my side.

"Justin i'm i'm i'm" she started tearing up.

I held on too my bloody arm.

"Bathroom now" i demanded.

She ran in the bathroom.

I got up and saw blood dripping on the floor.

I walk in the bathroom and see her sitting there on the toilet .

I clean myself and look over at cyan and she was staring at me with watery eyes.

I look back at the mirror.

"He is fucking at a party with fucking selena ok! You happy !" i spat.

Her bottom lip quivered and i started too soften.

Fuck my tough side just vanished.

I lean down too her side and i look at her.

"I know your not happy.... and i'm not....and he is drinking....with selena... and i know what happens when that happens.... and i promised you i wouldn't say anything too you if he was but.... we are not sure if he did but i think he did and i know...... he is your-She pulled me up and hugged me tight.

"Justin thanks for telling me" she said sweet.

I rub her back too calm her.

"I'm sorry that you got cut.... and i'm sorry i was cutting " she said.

I look at her and smiled.

"Will you promise me something?"i asked.

"Yes" she said.

"You will never ever ever ever do this ever again." i said.

"yes i promise" she said.

We both giggle.

"It's late should i take you home?" i asked.

I stood up and we went in my bedroom.

"Nobody is there.." she said.

"I wanna stay here justin... i wanna stay here with you.. your the only one here for me right now." she said.

"You can stay" i said.

"You can sleep in derek's bedroom..."i said walking in my bathroom .

I came out and saw cyan all cuddled up in my bed already sleeping.

I smiled lightly i walked over and laid next too her.

She turned and hugged me and snuggled her head on my chest.

I wrap my arms around her and pull her closer.

"Justin thank you for being so nice" she whispered.

I giggle lightly.

"Thanks for being there" she said before dozing off. 

Derek's P.O.V (DRUNK)

I danced along with the sweaty body's and selena was rubbing against me.

I drank some more and rocked with selena.

I got some flashes but i avoid the people and just focus on selena.

Justin has took my 2 girls now i'm gonna get him back.

That mother fucker will see how it is.

But then Cyan's sweet face poped in my head but i shook it off and continued too grind on selena.

She turned around and started making out with me i rubbed her sides and we backed up and hit the door.

I opened it and i laid selena on the bed and began kissing her more and more. 


Nice too wake up naked but not with another person naked next to me....

I'm Fucked....




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