Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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2. You look like Zac Efron !

***END OF DAY ***

"We can stop by and get some food then go do the project" he said leaning against the locker.

"Yea that sounds fun but i say Mc'Donald's ok?" i said playfully poking his nose.

He laughed.

"Yea what ever you want." he said smiling which mad my cheeks turn pink.

"Miss Ramsey!!" someone yelled behind me.

I turned and saw Mrs. Summers walking towards me looking mad as ever.

"Shit shit shit " i repeated.

I backed up and got closer too derek.

"Where is you assignment that was due earlier?" she asked .

I was shocked i was scared.

I felt derek grab my back pack real quick.

"Here I just got it from her bag maybe she was lost in thought and forgot too turn it in." derek said handing her a paper i have never seen before.

"Oh well thanks Miss . Ramsey... by the looks of it ... this paper looks outstanding...umm I'm glad your take school into your own hands now." she said before turning around and reading while she walked.

I turned around and looked at derek confused.

"I never had that in my bag" i said confused.

He laughed and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Oh shawty i got it from my bag ...

i did the assignment a long time ago while we were home schooled because we learned so fast that i should prob be in senior year right now but i'm only 17 ." he explained.

"You didn't have too do that derek" i said blushing.

"It was either go to Mc'Donald's with this beautiful girl or watch that beautiful girl get yelled at and taken too detention " he said in a giggle.

"Yea i would rather go too detention then go with you " i said acting serious.

His expression Changed.

"I'm kidding cry baby" i said patting his face.

He began too laugh.

"Don't do that too me or i will do it!" he said with a crepper face.

"Do what?" i said jokingly.

He began poking my sides making me tickle.

"Oh my derek stop stop !" i laughed.

"Ok ok princess lets get out of here. " he said patting my back.

He kept it there as we walked too the door and out too my car.

"Um... what are you doing?" he asked.

I looked at him and he was buy his white fisker (Like justin's ) .

He had the door open.

"What about my car?" i asked.

"Will come get it later" he said with puppy eyes.

I gave in and ran too his side and hoped in.

He closed the door and got in the drivers seat.

"This is a really nice car how did you efford it- i stopped and thought.

"Justin " we both said at the same time.

We began laughing.

"Yea it was a gift i love him but he can get annoying... i mean we are nothing alike inside but on outside were identical . " he said .

"Oh i thought you looked like Zac efron. " i said playfully.

"Really i do!" Derek said looking at himself.

"No dumby you do look just like justin... i seriously thought you were justin but when she said your name i was like oh he has a brother?" i explained .

We got closer too Mc'Donald's.

"Yea I mean every time i go outside of canada people are taking pictures  and girls are chasing and I keep telling them i'm derek but they still get in my face.... That's why i'm in canada too ... Me and justin no everyone here and we know people wouldn't attack me... because i'm just... derek. "he explained finding a parking spot.

"Well i like... just derek bieber ..... not justin's twin brother" i said sweetly.

He smiled and blushed. "Come on i'm hungry slow poke" i said running out of the car and inside.

Derek cased me inside playfully and we went up too one of the workers.

"I'll take a chocolate chip frappe' and a 10 piece Chicken nugget with fries and some ranch."i said.

"Yea me too please "derek said.

I grabbed my bag and pulled out money.

Derek pushed me back and gave the guy money.

"Derek!" i said playfully.

"Don't ever thinking about paying babe." he said .

They gave us are food and drinks.

"Thanks shane!" derek said too the worker .

"You know him?" i asked.

We sat down and he sat next too me then from across from me.

I smiled at the thought and got my food.

"Yea we all know each other here in canada.... and i thought i was the new kid" he joked. "Haha very funny!"i said sarcastically.

We bursted into laughter.

"OH GIRL LOOK IT IS JUSTIN!" we heard some girl scream.

I laugh.

"Tourist..." derek said shaking his head.

They ran up with there phones and a paper and pen.

"Justin we are such beliebers .... can we have a picture and a autogragh.

Derek looked at me with sad in his eyes.

I new those girls where no beliebers... because i thought beliebers know where justin really is.... these girls are lying too them self.

"Sorry girls... my brother isn't here... i'm derek not justin. " derek said annoyed.

"PWEASE JUSTIN!"they screamed.

I patted his shoulder. "Fine " he sighed.

He grabbed the picture and signed it justin bieber.

"Um justin why are you writing with your right hand i thought you were a lefty. " one girl said.

He looked pissed off.

I grabbed his arm before he stood up and he relaxed a little.

"Well you thought wrong"he growled.

He gave the girl the picture angry and they held out there phone.

Derek ripped from my grasp and stood up mad. 

 "Justin-i mean derek " i said guilty pulling him down.

He looked at me hurt.

"You too" he whispered.

"Um sorry girl  justin has his fans too please so go girly"A fan said motioned me too the door.

"For the last fucking time i'm not justin .. i'm derek his fucking twin brother... god! Can't you guys get that in your brain! Leave me alone and go too justin in Florida because that is where he is actually !" Derek screamed.

"Can you guys please go this is my friend derek ... just go." i said polite .

They looked hurt and they walked away in shame and left.

derek sighed and sat down.

"Every fucking day i have too go threw that shit... every day!" he said punching the table.

I grabbed his fist before he hit the table again.

"derek i'm sorry.. they kept saying justin...and it just slipped i'm sorry" i said guilty.

"It is not your fault... it is mine... i should have not been born... i mean justin is way more sucessful... and nobody cares for me... Even my family...they give all the love too him because he is THE Justin Bieber."He said fiddling with his fingers .

"Derek... Your 17 your still young ... you'll be sucessful .... soon. " i said patting his hands.

He looked up at me .

"I just wish me and justin can switch lives.." he said.

"But if that happened... justin would have met me not you... and that's sad. "i said rubbing his hand with my thumb.

We ate in sclience and then we left.

We were in the car and i stared at derek.

"You know i think right handed boys are cute" i said breaking the quiet.

I saw a small smile form on his lips.

"that makes no since cyan " he said looking at me for a second then back at the road.

"You and justin are different... "

Derek P.O.V

"You and justin are different..." those words were like music too my ears.

Finally someone see's the difference ...

It has been a life time waiting for those words....

and finally.

She smiled at me once i smiled big.

"How?" i asked.

"Your attitude... your style... your likes... your writing... personality ..... " she said.

I pulled up too the house and looked at her.

"Your are the first one too ever say that too me... thanks" i said hugging her.

She wrapped her arms around me and giggled in my chest.

I felt butterflies and i shivered.

"Lets go work on the project!"i said getting her out of the car and walking in. 


Cyan's P.O.V

"Ok class we have showed all project's so we will have too vote on one too put up on are school walls for everyone too see.... so please write down your favorite and put it in the pill here on the desk..." Mrs . Summers said.

I changed seats so now i'm in front of derek so we can talk.

I look back and wink at derek.

He winked back.

"We are so gonna win" derek whispered.

I wrote on the paper me and derek's name and i past it forward.

Derek gave me his and i past it too the front .

"Ok i will tally them up and see the winner for tomorrow"Mrs.Summers said.

The bell rung and I got up and derek wrapped hs arm around my shoulder and we started talking and joking around.

I stopped at my locker and put my stuff in and got my money for lunch.

Me and derek were talking about random stuff until i heard someone scream my name.

I turn and see ryan running over too me.

"Hey ryry" i cooed.

"Hey we have something for you in the cafe come ! come!"Ry grabbed me and dereks hands and draged us too the cafe.

I walk in and see everyone is hovered around Jake the schools quarterback for the football team.

He held one rose and ryry pushed me in the circle and jake came up and took my hand.

Wtf? What is happening.

"Cyan will you be my date for the fall dance tonight." he said sweetly.

I could feel my cheeks burn and turn red.

Everyone awwed and watched.

"umm ermm... sure " i said with a little smile.

Everyone cheered.

He hugged me and spinned me around he sat me down and i saw derek standing there looking mad and red as a tomato staring down at jake...

his eyes met mine and he shook it off and turned around fast and ran out of the cafe.

Uh no...

what was that for....

was he jealous ?

I Give jake one last hug before everyone went back too eating and i ran out into the hallway.

I saw Derek leaning against my locker.

He turned and punched it and screamed in pain.

I hid behind the wall and watched him.

"I'm so stupid... she was never gonna be with you " he said laying his head back .

I quietly walk over and sit next too him.

He still hasn't notice.

I grabbed his hand and locked are fingers and i layed my head on his shoulder.

"Cyan... what are you doing.... you should be with jake... you know " he said annoyed by the sound of jake.

"Nah... i'm just gonna hang with my real friend. not some player that fucks every girl he sees" i said.

"Then why did you say yes."he asked looking into my eyes now.

"I erm... wanted too see something... and get some answer's and i finally got them. " i said. 

Derek's P.O.V

"What is that-Before i could say anything else she kissed me gently on my lips.

i grabbed her face and i pulled her closer and laid my hand on her thigh as we kissed.

Are lips disconnected and a small laugh left my lips.

"You never know if you'll be with me unless you try..." she said kissing me again.

I have been waiting for ever for those lips on mine...

I pulled her on my lap and she kissed me as i sat on the floor with my hands rubbing her thigh's.

"Whoa umm..guys"Someone's voice came over us and cause too snap are heads in the same direction.

Chaz and Ryan and all my friends that are girls were standing there smirking.

She hopped off and shook it off i stood up and grabbed her hand .

"When did this happen. " nicole asked.

"Just a second ago... but don't worry you won't be seeing it ever again." she said yanking her hand and walking down the hall into the cafe.

I stood there hurt and heartbroken....

Please tell me she isn't my heart breaker....

because my heart is breaking...

(Sneak Peek)

Justin's P.O.V

"Look justin look at this new pretty girl your brother grabbed in his new school year!" my mom showed and picture of her and my brother. damn....

that girl was hot!

How did my brother score her....

She is really sexy...

"Nice mom i'm proud of him..."i said looking at the girl..

"yea he said he is having un at this school and with his new friends and with chaz and ryan and- i cut her off.

"Mom i wanna finish school with my brother...." i said.

My mom's eyes went huge. 


I gave you a quick sneak for the next chapter and there is so many questions!!! thanks for the favorites and likes... i'm very grateful and i love jerek i just wish justin really has a twin like that is my dream!!! So i hope you like the story and keep reading boos !!!!

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.


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