Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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41. "You Don't Give Me What I Want"

Cyan's P.O.V

My eye's automatically rolled once i saw all the guys look at her ass as she left the little living room.

I even say justin look which made a spark of jealously spark threw me.

Why does she have to be here?

What the fuck...

I get up and walk to the kitchen and take a glance to look behind me and there attention was on the tv.

I quietly scoffed.

I got a water bottle and look out the small window and saw the cars passing by as we passed them.

The bus was slightly moving.

I drank some water and i twist the cap back on and looked out the window.

I heard heels clack on the tile floor which made my body tense and look over to where i heard the noise.

I saw Lucy looking at me with her arms crossed in front of her.

"Can I help you?"I scoffed.

She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah i just wanted to talk to you"She smiled lightly which made me clench.

"What?"I asked.

"I just wanted to say i'm sorry for last week... it's just i'm not very nice"She laughed which caused me to have my ear explode from it's high pitch.

"Well um i'm sorry for snapping at you"I said waving my hand.

All i wanted to do is get away from her.

"Yeah it's fine... maybe we can be friends on this tour"She walked over to me smiling at me.

Some part of me new she was just being a bitch and acting this all out, or maybe she was actually changing....

No that could never happen 

so option 1 is correct.

"Yeahhhh"I said awkwardly.

She hugged me and i was taken back.

I didn't want to touch her so i patted her back and shook myself out.

"Okkk i'm gonna goooo um"I looked around.

"Work out yep thats what i'm gonna do"I said running out of the kitchen fast and down the narrow hallway to me and justin's room.

I jump in the room and shut the door quickly behind me.

I sigh deeply and make my way over to the dresser and take out my yoga pants and sports bra.

I trip and put all my stuff on and put my hair in a pony tail.

Looking at myself i nodded and walked out and went to a closet where justin keeps his equipment.

I grab some weights and close the door caring them into the tiny living room and laying them by the couch and making space.

For once everyone's eyes left the screen.. besides Lucy's.

They all looked at me and they smirked.

I avoided them acting like i didn't know they were staring.

I started stretching my legs and my arms.

"Um babe what you doing?"I heard justin speak.

"What do you think?"I said pointing to the weights.

He nodded and smirked.

I started lifting first.

"Ok so me and everyone are going to get ready for tonight and go to the mall, you coming bro?"Derek asked.

"Nah i'm good "Justin said looking at me lifting closely.

"Ok see ya guys"They all left and it was just me justin.

I got up and plugged my phone in to the stereo and played "Beware" By Big Sean.

I bent over to grab the weight again but i was pulled up and turned around.

"Your looking sexy as fuck and i can't help to stare and touch"He growled as his hand grabbed my ass.

I push him off and scoff.

"You cant help to stare at Lucy to"I scoff.

"I only looked at her because ryan told me to"He grabbed me again and pulled me to his body.

He bit his lip and looked down at me.

"Now babe let's have some fun"is hands rubbed my birthmark on my hip.

I push him off once again and grab the weights and stomp out of the room and down the arrow hallway.

Why is he so god damn horny....

it's like he only wants me for a sex slave...

Stop Cyan! don't think like that....  he love's you!

Really is that what it is because it looks like he only likes my body lately and nothing else.

"Babe!"He screamed.

I put the weights in the closet and walk back out into the tiny living room and walk to the mini kitchen and grabbed my water.

His hands turned me around and cornered me against the counter.

"I don't like her cyan"He laughed.

He kissed my neck and i pushed him again.

"Get off if me justin"I sigh.

"Why the fuck are you pushing me away?i did nothing!"He spat in my face which made me nervous.

I hate when he get's mad even worst ....when he get's angry ...

"God sometimes you can be a bitch and don't give me what i want"He scoffed. 

I knew it...

"W-What?"i felt tears slowly come out of my eye's.

"No no that's not what i meant-"I push his hand out of the way to walk away from him.

"Cyan" His voice cracked.

"No"I yelled slamming the door.

Justin's P.O.V

"Yo man we don't have all night!"Chaz laughed.

I sighed.

"Guys.... i really want cyan to go"I said.

"I know bro but you fucked up and she locked herself in that room so whatcha gonna do about it?"Ryan shrugged.

I squinted my eyes and my anger grew within my body and mind.

"What the fuck you mean "Whatcha gonna do about it?"I growled.

"I tell you what i'm gonna do ....i'm gonna go make up with her"I spat.

"Bro we have to go now or we wont make it.. the party is big.. we can't  miss it... just make up with her when we get back"Derek said pulling Lucy to his side and she giggled annoyingly.

"But-"I started.

"No buts lets go dudes and chick"Chaz laughed.

I grunted and walked out and i got in the van waiting for us.


"But man this diamond, she works here bro and she is a big fan of you!"Chris laughed pulling this girl down on my lap.

My heart broke when i saw this girl on me when it should be Cyan.

I slowly stand up lifting the girl off of me.

"I'm sorry lady but... i have a girlfriend..."I said sitting back down.

Diamond looked at me like i wasn't serious but i was.... 100 percent.

"Ok diamond come back later babe"Chris said handing her a 20 dollar bill.

"Bring us some drinks"He winked.

She smiled and walked away.

"So your still with selena damn... i thought you guys split when-"

"We did"I said.

"Whoa bro you already got yourself a girl or can i say... a sexy slutty slave"Chris laughed.

I cleared my throat.

"No man"I said shaking my head.

Chris's expression changed and he looked at me serious.

"Oh this one's serious bro"He whispered.

I simply nodded.

"Yeah and i fucked up tonight... said some awful things and thats why she isn't here with me tonight"I sighed.

I rubbed my face with my hands slowly.

"Bro since when did you get so serious... i remember you use to fuck around all the time ... in you and Selena's relationship..."He said.

I nodded.

"Cyan keep's me wanting her and only her... i can't look at any girl and not think.... damn my girl cyan is way better that her"I said.

"Whoa man that's pretty deep"He laughed.

I chuckled.

"Don't get all fruity on me "He said.

"I won't bro "I laughed. 

Diamond came back and gave us drinks.

"Diamond please let all strippers and dancers to stay away from our private area"Chris said.

She frowned and nodded.

She walked away and i smiled.

"Thanks"I said.

"Anything for my little man"He pat my back.

I nodded.

"What do you think i can do to get her to forgive me?"i asked taking a big gulp of the shot.

"Well.... it depends bro what did you do?"He asked.

I scratched the back of my neck.

"uh um... i kinda was getting up in her space and she kept pushing me away... and she got mad and i got mad and i accidentally said why won't you give me what i want... which is sex... so she thinks i'm only using her... but i'm in love with her"I said.

He clapped his hands together.

"Bizzle bro no"He laughed.

"Ok i would give her space and just i would just talk to her... show her you really love her..."He said patting my back.

"Thanks"I smiled. 

"For now lets just drink and talk shall we, oh and i'll get drake over here soon, he has been waiting to hand out with you, bizzle and your brother bizzle number 2"He laughed.

"I have been waiting to"I smiled drinking another shot.

Cyan's P.O.V

I looked out the window as it began to pour.. the bus was kinda cold so i bundle myself in blankets.

I looked at the time and saw it was 2 am.

Fuck it's late.

I just couldn't find a way to go to sleep.

So many thought went threw my head.

I continued reading my favorite book and hear the rain droplets in the background.


That must me justin...

Which reminds.. i love how everyone left there buses and i was left behind to read.....

yep i'm a loner...

I heard some movements out side of the door.

The door was cracked so i could hear mostly.

I think justin is the only one here...

I look down at myself and saw i was still in my jeans.

I took them off and i walk over to my dressed and gets so long fuzzy pants.

I put them on and fix my hair in the mirror.

The door cracked and i saw justin pop out and walk over to his dresser.

I think he didn't see me over here.

I roll my eyes and put a sweatshirt on and rubbed my arms for warmth.

I felt a tight grip on my arm that turned me around and yank away.

"Ow"I spat rubbing my arm.

He narrowed his eyes.

"I barely touched you"He spat.

"No... i'm not fighting with you... i'm done"I spat putting my hands up.

"Oh really you are because your face shows differently"He spats.

"Still an asshole, wow why am i surprised, god your so fucking frustrating"I scoff.

"I hate you"I screamed.

His fist clenched and his face turned red and my breathing got heavy.

His hand grabbed me violently and he put me against the nearest wall and trapped me.

I tried to wiggle out because i was... kinda scared.

"You do not!"He screamed.

"Hate me!"He screamed and i swear it shook the bus.

I bit my lip hard.

He grabbed my waist pulling me closer.

"Don't touch me!"I screamed pushing him as hard as i could and he stumbled back and hit hard against the dresser.

I gasp and cover my mouth as i saw his back and head bang hit the hard wood dresser.

He grunted loudly and he fell down.

"Ah fuck"He cried.

"Justin" I whispered and walked over to him.

He stood up and backed away.

"No you made it clear cyan"He grunted and held his head.

I saw blood on his hand.

I let the tears go down my cheeks as i stare at him.

He walked to the bathroom and cleaned off his head and i saw there was a big black and purple bruise forming and i clench and walk back to my bed and i curl up in the sheets and let the tears stream over and over. No one could hear the small whimpers and sobs i made.

I saw justin walk back in with his boxers on and he didn't even look at me.

He laid on the bed next to me and he didn't touch me he just looked up at the ceiling.

I sniffled quietly and looked out the window.

I rubbed my tears away.

"You don't hate me"He spoke loudly.

It kind of startled me.

"You love me"He said closing his eyes.

I took a breath.

"How could i love you when your acting like this"I whispered.

"Acting like what!"He screamed.

"What you don't like me being your boyfriend and loving on you"He said opening his eyes and  staring at the wall.

"That's the problem"I whisper.

He sat up and he finally looked at me.

"lately you just.. have been-"I said.

"I knew you thought i was using you..."He sighed putting his  head in his hands.

"Justin its happened before with other guys...."i said.

"What makes me like them..."He said.

"The way you would act..."I said.

"So i acted like a dick"He said looking at me.

"Yeah"I said looking down.

"But you were being a bitch"He said.

I scoff.

"Admit it"He said.

I look down.

"Yeah ok"I sighed looking out the window.

"I'm sorry"I whispered lowly.

"What?"He said.

"I'm sorry"I said louder.

"I'm sorry to"He sighed.

"Justin... i love you"I said.

"I would say i love you back but i can't if you don't get me some stuff for my back."He smiled slightly.

I giggled lightly and get up and walk out.

I walk to the kitchen and get the ice pack out of the mini fridge. 

I get back to the room and see justin laying on his tummy ith his back up and his head laid on the pillow so he could see left of him.

I sat at his left so he could see me and i placed the icepack on his bruise and he yelp.

"Sorry"I whispered rubbing his lower back below the big bruise.

"I love you"He said.

I laugh.

"Yeah ok i'm tired soooo"i trailed off and laid next to him.

His arm went up and grabbed me and pulled me closer.

"Mhm you should kiss me i haven't felt your lips since forever"He whispered.

I peck his lips and he pouted.

"Sorry"I giggled and i snuggled closer and closed my eyes.




my new name is bizzleslut not justinslittleboo

but i'll still put at the end of my chapters lol

so i am justinslittleboo but not

its complicated 

hey and i finally updated lol.

Hey and go watch my new jerek twin trailer took me 1 week lol 

Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.

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