Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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15. "Trust Him Or Anyone Anymore"

Cyan P.O.V

I walk upstairs and slam the door behind me.

I dig my hands in my hair and i pull on it and i began too hiss too the pain i'm causing.

My phone kept buzzing so i looked at it and saw nicole calling.

I picked it up fast. 

"Hello" my voice sounding annoyed and harsh.

"Cyan.... baby please let me see you " justin or derek said. 

"Who is this?" i asked.

"Justin....please cyan " he plead. 

"I don't wanna see you or derek....and don't call me baby!" i screamed hanging up. 

Nicole probably let him use her phone too call me.

You will see me get mad at her later.

I lay back on my bed and look at the wall.

How long could i keep this going......

i just want my normal life back just hanging out with friends and having no worry's or screwing up.

But life isn't easy i know that for a fact.

My phone kept buzzing but i just avoided it and i slowly drifted in darkness.

*Week later*

Justin P.O.V

I has been almost a week without seeing cyan.

She hasn't came too school these past couple days and i hope too see her at school today.

I have at least called her everyday probably 25 times a day and sent millions of text per day.

I'm just worried.

When she cut herself that one night i just thought what if she is doing that right now.

Derek has been going crazy to and selena came by yesterday and threw herself on derek but he just told her too stay off.

I feel like cyan is heartbroken from derek and pissed i didn't tell her and that i lied and that i told derek about us waking up together that one night and are "Accidental" kissing moments.

I will say i loved are kisses i felt sparks and fireworks and i just knew she did to, But i also know she does with derek too.

Derek has been going too nicole's and jasmine's a lot to try to talk to cyan but nicole and jasmine will not help .

Cyan wants to think and run away from the problem....

but life doesn't work that way...

she will have too come out of the darkness sooner or later.

I walked too front doors of the school and made my way too my locker and saw derek talking too chaz and ryan.

I walk over too them and derek gave me and weak smile and i just patted him on back.

"So you guys cool?"ryan asked.

I looked at derek and he shook his head.

"Yea we are cool" derek said.

We start talking about random things and laugh at each other i turn my head and see cyan with droopy eyes and a grey sweatshirt and some sweats and boots.

She looked like a mess with her messy bun.

She turned her head and she saw me and she put her hood over head and started running.

I ran away from the guys and followed her she was behind that wall because i saw her foot step out.

I slowly walk over too the wall connected too the one she was on.

She peaked her head out from the side and i jumped out and pinned her too the wall.

She wiggled around then groaned in anger.

"Justin go"she said rudley.

"I have called .... text .... visited"i said.

She rolled her eyes and looked somewhere else but my eyes.

I grab her chin and force her too look in my eyes.

"Derek has too" i said.

She started too tear up.

"I just wanna have a normal life without this shit in it ok"she said.

I nodded.

"I know but you can make it better and by running away from your problems is not solving anything Cy"i said sweetly.

She nodded.

"I was actually scared that you would do what you did last time" i said sad.

She looked at me.

She grabbed my hand and placed her arm in it.

I lifted up her sweatshirt and there was no scratches or cuts at all.

I let out a sigh in relief.

"I was gonna do it justin but then i remember what happened that night and how i promised you so i didn't do it for you and derek."she explained.

"I actually went too your guys house and i-i s-saw selena throw herself on derek on the porch" she said wiping her tears.

"He pulled her away and told her too stop and made her leave"i said.

She smiled slightly.

"So what is your relationship with derek anyway?" i asked .

She shrugged.

"He cheated on me i kinda cheated on him.... i feel like we need too either break it off and call it quits or we can fix this."she explained.

"I just can't find it in me too trust him or anyone anymore." she said.

I nodded.


Short little chapter before i sleep. I love my boo's . i'm sorry if it sucks :( 

i will have more later!!!! :)

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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