Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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32. Telling The Truth

Justin's P.O.V

**1 week later**

"Ok justin really you need to start telling me the fucking truth"cyan said grabbing her keys.

"Fuck"i said running my hands threw her hair. 

"And telling everyone else the fucking truth... this is getting on my nerves"she said looking at me getting her shoes on.

Justin save this relationship...

and just tell her the damn truth stop being so damn stupid.

" Ok you wanna know"i said.

She crossed her arms with a amused face.

"Go on"she said taping her foot.

I try too say it but it just couldn't escape my lips.

"whatever"she spat getting out.

I followed her as she walked to her car.

"Where are you even gonna go... i'm all that you have!"i spat.

She looked at me.

"A hotel its better than staying with a liar"she said.

I ran up to her and grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the car and shut the door and pushed her against the car.

My body was close to her and she couldn't move.

"You have been lying to me the whole week!"she spat and smacked my chest.

I saw paps getting out of the vans and taking pictures but i ignored her.

"You wanna know then"i said calmly.

"Yea i do! you could be cheating for all i know!"she spat.

I got tense.

"Keep your voice down"i growled.

"And you don't trust me " he spat.

"I do... but this has happen to me before and i got screwed over"she pushed me away but i pushed my body back to hers.

"Justin tell me i'm all ears"she said .

I sighed.

"If we get away from those paps and get inside"i spat.

She nodded and pushed me out of the way and walked inside the house.

I looked at the paps.

"Get the fuck off my property ! fuck you ! stay in your life not mine assholes damn!"i screamed as they ran away.

I walked in the house and looked at cyan that was stand there looking out the window with her eyes glazing.

"Ok"i breathed.

"I-I remember"i confessed.

Her eyes snapped in my direction.

"Wait what"she said walking towards me.

"The night with the cuts"i said.

She looked shocked.

"Oh my god justin tell me everything... who did this... how did they-i stopped her.

"I-I D-Did it"i said tearing up.

I saw her cover her mouth.

"No no no"she whispered. "I cut myself"i confessed wiping my tears

"I-I'm so sorry"i said grabbing her hands.

She pulled me to her and she pushed my head on her chest as i cried.

"But why"she whispered.

"I was going threw a tough time getting hate and i was in a fight with you"i said in her chest.

"I'm sorry"she said running her hands threw my hair.

"No i'm sorry.... i made you stop and i went off and did it thats not right... and it didn't even make me feel any better... i just fainted"i explained.

"You don't do it again got it!"she demanded.

I lightly smiled.

"I got it babe"i said pecking her cheek.

"But i'm still mad at you"she said.

I pouted my lip.

"Whyyy"i wined.

"Every since selena and derek got out of the hospital the other day you haven't told them yet"she said.

"It's harder than you think"i said scratching my neck.

"I know justin but they deserve to know"she said rubbing my shoulders.

I breathed.

I got up and went and got my keys and looked back at cyan sitting on the couch.

"I'll be back ok "i said.

She nodded.

I walked out and went to my car and started it up.

I try too calm down but the butterflies were still in my stomach.

Selena's P.O.V

I laid on my couch and watched the tv.

I felt empty inside....

so broken.

Derek walked in and sat next to me and he sent me a small smile.

He rubbed my foot and looked at me.

"How you feeling"he whispered.

"Empty"i said pulling the blanket closer.

"It hurts derek"i said.

He looked down and his eye glazed.

"I'm sorry"he said with a crack in his voice.

"It's not your fault"i said.

"I'm the one who got you pregnant"he said.

I sighed.

"Still it's both of our faults"i said sitting up.

The door bell rang and derek got up and opened the door.

"Justin hey bro"derek said.

Justin came in and he looked at me and smiled lightly then back to derek.

"What are you doing here" derek asked confused.

"I came here to confess and explain"justin said.

Derek looked at me confused and i shrugged my shoulders. 

"You might want to sit down bro"justin said patting derek's back. 

Cyan's P.O.V

I hope everything is ok with them...

its been 40 minutes since he left...

i'm kinda getting nervous.

The phone rang threw justin's house.

I saw pattie walk down stairs and see me. "

Here it's selena"pattie said throwing me the phone.

I laughed.

"Thanks Pattie"i said she winked and walked out.

I answered it and i put it to my ear.

"Hey sweetness"i said playfully.

"Cyan get here now"she said sobbing.

"Whoa what's wrong"i said panicking.

"There fighting"she said.

She hung up.

I got up fast and i got in my car and hurried down too selena's.


I ran in and saw derek pushing justin in the wall..

and selena in the corner crying.

I ran up and pushed derek off justin which cause him to fall back on the wood table and breaking it.

I gasp.

"Selena"i said pointing to derek.

She nodded and ran over and made sure derek was ok.

I looked at justin and he had blood coming out of his mouth and nose.

"Oh baby"i said pulling him in a hug.

He held on too me tight.

"What the fuck happened. "i spat.

Selena and derek looked up at me and justin.

"I told them the truth and derek went all karate "justin spat.

I laid my hand on his chest to calm him.

"So fighting was the answer!"i spat at derek.

He wiped his mouth.

"If any guy figured out the baby he thought was his wasn't his ... then yes"derek said.

I just shook my head.

"We are hurt derek not just you"i spat.

"Yea i'm sorry its all about you"derek said.

I gasp at his comment.

I heard justin growl.

"Shut your fucking mouth derek she has been threw enough with you... me ... and selena... everything.. so back the fuck off"justin's voice screamed threw the whole house which made me get scared a little.

Derek closed his mouth for a minute.

"This is between me,selena,and justin... not you... so get the fuck out!"derek screamed at me.

Tears filled my eyes.

I got out of justin's grip and stormed out of the house.

I heard selena yell at derek and justin call for me.

Justin grabbed me.

"Cyan all that he said just don't listen to him"justin said.  

"How can't i"i said.




Ok i saw believe and i died like soooooo muchhhh. There was only 2 gurls that cried and they left for a second but everyone was just sitting there like wtf. I wanted too slap all the people that didn't cry. I cried infront of everyone. Some people asked me if i was ok and i was like no hell no. I went with my directioner friend and she teared up and she try too wrap her arm around me too comfort me but i was like no don't its not helping bahah lol. So me and 2 girls were the only beliebers. Like i cried so much that it was flooding that theater. 

So how do you guys like journals?

what's your fave out of all.

I know this one was a extra andd it was free but my fave is flatline <3 It is so cute and ahhh my faveeeee. But he like dies in the end! just like listen too it and you'll know lol.

Ok i'm like talking alot so yea enjoy this chapter! please read my other movellas anddddd comment and fave .. become a fan... it always makes my day... you guys always make my day :) love you boos so muchh mah mah hehe

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