Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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1. Swag contest

Cyan's P.O.V

"Please sit down class will began now" Mrs. Summers  said annoyed.

Mrs. Summers death stared the group Hovered around me.

"I said now or detention for all of you !" she screamed.

Everyone ran too there seats and took out there homework.

Shit i forgot too do my fucking homework!

Mrs.Summers is gonna kill me during detention....

i means she did yesterday.

"Please past you homework too the front" she said .

Everyone past it and i acted like i did and Mrs.Summers didn't notice.

She collected it all and threw it on her test and started writing problems on the board.

"Cyan , Nicole,Alex,Brad.... come do these problems on the board for us."Mrs.summers said.

I groan and get up and snatch the chalk from her hand .

I'm really good at math i just never do the stuff in here.

I finish the problem first and walk back too my seat.

"Mrs.Ramsey please come do another one because that last one was too easy" she said motioning me too come up again.

I get up again and grab the chalk and work on the other problem.

Shit this is really hard like what the fuck....

Ok Cyan prove this bitch wrong....

 make her look embarrassed in front of her own students.

I heard the door open and everyone stopped except for me .

I look from the corner of my eye and see a boy.

"Everyone stop and lets give are new student a warm welcome " Mrs.Summers said excited.

"Class this is Derek ... Derek Bieber " My head snapped in his direction less than a second.

Damn He does look exactly like his brother.

"We hope you have a great 2 years here " she said showing derek his seat.

Are Eye's Met and he smile big and i blushed and payed back attention too the problem.


Can this be true ?Why or why not. 

I think hard and do work on the board .

I erase and think hard....

i have the answer it is just  hard too explain on the board.

"Mrs.Ramsey are you done with your problem?"Mrs.summer said behind me.

I turned around and saw derek and other eyes on me.

"Yep" i said .

"Where's the work you - I cut her off.

"Yes the expression "X" means x(x-1)(x-2)(x-3)...1So 10 means 10(10-1)(10-2)(10-3)(10-4)(10-5)(10-6)(10-7)(10-8)(10-9)= 10*9*8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1=10  So That means it is correct Mrs. Summers . "i explained

Everyone in the rooms jaw dropped..

except Derek he just sat there smirking at the teacher.

"Um wow ummm i didn't even know the answer too that cyan... um good job " she said walking up too the board and erasing.

Everyones eyes trailed me and when i sat down everyone gave me a high five.

Derek was sitting in the seat in front of the desk across from me He looked back and smiled and nod his his head and winked . 

He was very attractive.....

and the best past he is justin biebers brother....

twin brother....

that makes it hotter.

I blush and wave.

"Ok I'm assigning your partners for a new project today.."Mrs.Summers said Bring me back into reality .

Everyone groaned and Mrs.Summers laughed. Shut up bitch .

"Nicole , alex....... jasmine,brad.....anna,kevin.....tracy....scott ...... sam, brittney."she rambled on.

She always forgets my name so i have too always rasie my hand too remind her too tell me mine.

She said everyones names i'm pretty sure but sure as hell not fucking my name.

"Mrs. Summers you didn't say my name" i said rasing my hand.

"Oh yea cyan your partner is ummm"She said looking threw her papers.

"Well i did have you alone because there wasn't anymore people in the class but now that we have a new student..... Derek is your partner." she said closing her binder.

Derek Turned and he smiled.

"Oh goody!" i said out loud.

"Your lucky " nicole whispered.

"Yea sure " i said .

"He prob is some stuck up famous person like his brother." i whispered.

"You never know i herad justin is so down too earth and nice and so is derek. " she whispered.

I stoped and waited for the bitch too speak again.

"Ok so on this project you will have too spend time with this person a lot because it is due on friday!" she said before the bell rang again.

Everyone got up and i walked out with all my friends.

We parted and i went too my locker and put my stuff in it and grabbed my phone and money for lunch.

"Hey shawty ummm Cyan right...." he said coming up too me and leaning against the locker next too mine.

"Yea your derek right... justin's brother " i said sarcastic.

"Yup that's me.." he said showing his dimples and smile.

I blushed and looked down.

"You were really smart and funny in class today" he said chuckling.

"You made that teacher look soooo stupid " he said laughing.

"I hate her she is such a bitch" i said closing my locker.

"I know i went here for freshman year and had her and then i left with my brother and did home schooling with him for a while until his tour started getting complicated so i just left so now i'm here and he is traveling around the world doing his work. " he explained.

"Yea im a fan of your brother he is pretty swaggy!" i said sarcastic.

He laughed and i laughed with him.

"Not as much as me i have way more swag than him!"he said pouting.

I giggled.

"I agree you do but ... millions of his fans don't agree so he wins.... i'm sorry." i said playfully.

"He doesn't win the swag contest if your not on his side so i win" he said flirty.

I blush again and giggle.

"So for this project you wanna come too my house after?" he asked.

He is really cute and nicer than i thought it surprised me at first.

What the hell! why not sure i 'll go!

"Yeah that would be fun!" i said sarcastic.

"I mean if you wanna do the project ?" he asked steping closer too me.

"We can hang and do the project.. half and half " i said jokingly.

He chuckled.

He handed me his phone.

"Here"He said holding his phone out.

I grabbed it and put my number in it and handed it back too him.

"ok we are off too biology " he said walking off.

I grab his arm and he turned around fast.

He giggled.

"Derek it is lunch time you know that right " i said letting go of his arm.

He smacked his hand against his face and i laughed.

"Sorry i forgot... i mean being in homeschooling changes everything... just ask justin ." he said following me too the cafe.

I really like derek he is a sweet and funny boy.

I was very surprised... maybe justin is nice like him too!

wow this changes my look on them now.

We walked into the cafe and everyone turned and saw derek.

There was boys coming up and giving him bro hugs and doing hand shakes.

Then Chaz and ryan came up.

"Derek bro !!! how's justin!"the asked hugging him.

"He is stressed  with work you know but he is getting better.... he just had a horrible break up so yea he's not doing so well. "derek said .

"Oh we tried visiting but he was really busy so we thought oh better not disturb. " ryan said.

They nodded and looked at me.

"Oh hey cyan!" Chaz said hugging me.

"I see you met derek " ryan said.

"Yea hahaha you should of saw this smart shawty in math " derek said patting my back.

Butterflies filled my body by his touch.

"Yea everyone is talking about you are really smart and someone needed too show that teacher who's the boss" Chaz said.

We all laughed.

All the girls came up too me and started talking too me about math.

"Oh Derek this is Nicole,Jasmine,there my best friends and  Chazy and ryry" i cooed.

They all laughed.

"Nice too meet you all "derek said .

"Lets go sit" Chaz said running too the table.

We all sat down. I was next too derek and nicole.

We all ate and got too know each other and i felt derek's eyes burning a hole in the side of my face.

I turn too look at him and he snapped out of it.

"Is there something on my face ?" i asked.

He shook his head and i felt humiliated .

"It's ok i got it" he brought his face closer and kissed my cheek.

"I got it " he whispered in my ear.

"Thanks derek that was really sweet thank you " i said jokingly.

He smiled big and made me have butterfly's again. 


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