Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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5. Skyzone

Derek's P.O.V

I wake up too cyan's face on my chest snuggling my body.

I smile down at her.

I Play with her hair until she starts too stir.

I giggle when she looks up at me with squinted eyes.

"Justin?"she asked.

I sighed.

Why would she think that i'm derek....

does she think she slept with justin....

does cyan like justin.

But justin said cyan hated the kissing and touching he gave her.

I mean i should not get all worked up...

she is my girlfriend my princess and will get threw it....

unless he comes between it.

"No i'm derek" i sighed.

She opened her eyes more.

"I'm sorry"she said getting off of me and curl in a ball as she sat.

"No it's fine babe... i mean we are twins" i said playfully pulling her back down.

She giggled.

"So what do you wanna do on this fine saturday?" i asked pushing her hair back and cupping her cheek with my hand.

She bit her lip and laughed.

"I wanna go to skyzone" she said.

I laughed.

"You know i'll ask if justin can rent it out and we can jump around there alone" i said winking.

She started too jump up and down and i settled her down.

"Calm girl.." i said holding her.

She started laughing.

"Sorry this is gonna be so much fun!!" she said.

She sprung off the bed and went into the bathroom.

I sighed and ran out of the room and walked in justin's room.I opened it and there was screams that left the room.

"Um.. was this a bad time.." i asked looking at justin death staring selena.

"Selena was just leaving ... fucking go get out of my sight!" he spat.

She pushed him and he stumbled back.

She walked in front of me.

"Hello derek.." she said and i scooted so she stand next too me in the door way.

She looked back at justin and flipped him off before walking out of our sight.

I look back at justin and his face was bright red and he had black eyes.

"Bro what happened now?" i asked.

"She saw you sleeping with the girl and thought it was me and then she started going off.... were over"he explained.

I giggled slightly getting a death stare from justin..

"What!" he growled.

"That was like the millionth time you said that bro..." i said playfully.

He let out a small chuckle.

"Well its done... for good i'm done"he said.

I started clapping my hands.

"Finally bro finally" i laughed.

He threw a pillow at me and i threw back at him.

We started hitting each other with pillows trying too bring each other down.

We started getting into a pillow fight .

Justin pined me too the floor and stared hitting me with a pillow and laughing.

I pushed him off and smaked him with a pillow.

"jay i'm winning " i said smacking him.

He laughed not getting up and smacked me causing me too fall over .

"Bitch please!" he screamed.

We both broke into laughter.

There was a girly giggle we both turned are heads and saw Cyan smiling with one of my shirts and sweats on with a bun.

She looked naturally beautiful...

no make up ...

just the way i like it.

"You boys having fun" she asked.

We both nodded.

"Do you think we can swing by my place too pick up some clothes... " she asked.

I looked at justin.

"Oh about that... um justin can you call skyzone and rent the place out " i asked.

Justin eyes widen.

"What ... wait why can't you do it yourself lazy ass?" hr said playfully pushing me .

"Your famous" i said .

He rolled his eyes.

"Yea yea what's in it for me?" he looked at cyan and she looked at him for a couple seconds.

"You can hang with umm cyan while i go pick mother up for a couple days..." i replied..

i can't believe i'm doing this.

"Really bro thats a really treat having a friend thats a girl" he cheered.

I laughed.

"Fine i'll call" he asked holding out his hand.

I grabbed it and we bro hugged.

"I love you bro" i said playfully.

He looked at me in eww.

"Gay " he said.

I push him playfully and he laughed.

Cyan's P.O.V

A couple of days with justin alone ....

I'm really excited which is weird because i'm with derek...

why do i think like this.

Derek grabbed my hand and we walked out of justin's room.

We rushed out too the car after derek changed.

We got into dereks car and we drove down too my house for me too change in my outfit :

I hurried and drove along with derek...

he kept looking at me with a hint of thirst in his eyes.

"What you staring at bieber?" i asked.

He chuckled.

"Just my beautiful girlfriend.." he said.

My cheeks turned bright pink .

"Aww how cute" he said kissing my cheek quickly before driving again.

"The things you do too be boy" i said in a sigh.

"You like it baby" he said laying his hand on my thigh and rubbing it.

I smile at him and kiss his cheek.

"Derek you are so hot... sike" i puffed.

He looked at me weirdly.

"You don't think i'm hot. " he pouted.

I smiled.

"I mean compared too justin.... he is wayyyy hotter" i said jokingly.

Derek's emotion changed and he looked mad and sad.

He started too speed up a little and i got scared....

"Derek i was kidding ... you guys look exactly alike... if justin is hot then your gonna be baby" i said rubbing his arm.

He started too slow down.

"Sorry" he said sad.

I just laughed lightly.

"It's fine just don't kill us because i didn't call you hot" i said playfully.

We started laughing.

We pulled up too skyzone and everyone was gone.

I got out of the car and we walked in.

All the lights were on and nobody was here so it was just me and derek as we planned.

Derek turned on the music that played threw the whole place.

"Boyfriend" played and i started laughing.

"Lets jump too your brother"i said playfully.

I grabbed him and we started jumping on the trampolines and he was jumping around with me on his back.

We fell over and i landed on top of him.

"Oh derek are you ok" i asked.

He wrapped his arms around me and we laid on top of each other .

He laid his lips against mine and fireworks went off in my stomach and it felt like we were floating.

We got off the trampolines and made are way over too the foam pit.

Derek smirked at me and i smirked back.

We ran over and jumped in together.

We started throwing foam cubes at each other like kids and screaming at each other.

It was really hard too get out of those squares.

"I'm gonna get you !" he screamed.

"Try bieber!" i screamed back.

He dove into the squares and popped out behind me and grabbed me from behind.

"Derek oh my god!" i screamed.

I turned and faced him and wrapped my arms around his neck and we stared at each other as "Clarity" played threw the speakers.

We stared falling back into the pile of foam squares.

Before derek placed his lips on mine i smacked him with a foam square and caught him off guard.

"Hey!" he pouted.

"I'll sorry i must have had reflex problems" i lied.

He laughed .

"Sure baby... can i have a real kiss pwease.." he asked.

I kiss him again and get the same feeling.

We started too slowly go under the foam and get under the pile so no one will find us...

so we could be alone.


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