Jerek Twins

The Power Of The Brothers Was Once Strong Until She Came In......
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16. "Shut The Fuck Up Justin!"

Cyan's P.o.v

The stress....

The worry....

The crying.....

I'm done.....

100% done and i'm for sure done with them even if justin talked too me.

How could a relationship change so fast?

What's wrong with the world?

Scratch that.

What's wrong with me?

You get yourself in this.

Not anybody else...

Not even the twins.

I gotta admit....

I like derek.....

But justin I .....

I just don't know!

There both a pain in the ass.

Its like pick me....

no pick me......

pick me situation.

Derek ,

Justin ,

Derek ,

Justin ,

Derek ,

Justin ,

Derek and Justin ,


"Mrs. Ramsey the bell has rung you may leave."the teacher said snapping me from my thoughts.

I looked around and everyone was gone except the teacher looking at me like i'm crazy.

I got up and ran out of the room.

I walk too my locker then i see derek from the corner of my eye looking at me.


No no no no n-

"Cyan" he said quietly.

I turn around and see his eyes brightned.

"Leave me alone derek" i said.

He grabbed my arm and he looked me in the eyes.

"Never " he said.

I yank and he just pushed his lips too mine slowly kissing me.

I kissed back running my hands threw his hair.

My nerves calmed down until i just figured what i was doing.

Why am i kissing a cheater?

Because i'm so fucking stupid.....

yep thats it.

I slowly pushed him away .

"No why am i sooo stupid" i spat.

"Cyan stop" he grabbed me and calmed me down.


His grip got tighter and his eyes turned black.

"Whoa bro calm down" justin said pushing derek back.

Justin now stood between us ......

like always.

The hallways cleared and everyone was gone.

I took off running out the school doors and i heard them running behind me.

I stopped by there arms grabbing me.

I turn around and see both of them out of breath.

"I'm done ok you" i pointed at derek.

"You are a cheater... you hurt me.... you crushed me..... you said we would be forever.... and you said you never would fucking hurt me ! but your a liar *push* fucking*push*big*push*ass*push*liar." i pushed him one more time before derek grabbed my arms and threw too my sides.

"Calm down cyan" justin said.

I look at justin in a stupid look.

"Shut the fuck up justin!"i screamed. 

Justin's P.O.V

"Shut the fuck up justin!" she screamed.

I raised my hands in the air in surrender.

I see how it is.

She turned back at derek and they started staring into each others eyes with a hint of death.

"You think your so innocent don't you ! your here fucking with my brother and acting like some slut!"derek spat.

I paid attention now.

"Bro not cool !" i screamed.

They both looked at me mad.

"JUSTIN STAY OUT!"they both screamed.

I just slap my hand on my face.

"I'm not the slut you man whore..... eally Selena really? what the fuck is wrong with you !"she screamed. 

"My brother?! What the fuck is wrong with you!"derek screamed back.

"Derek its over ok just please stop you ass" she spat.

"It is over and i thought i could actually love you!"he said.

Derek loved cyan?

Cyan looked there shocked but then snapped out of it.

"Well i'm not in love with anyone so i don't care what you say!"she screamed back.

I still stood there like an idiot.

Derek ran too his car and jumped in there pissed and zoomed off.

I look at cyan and she had her head in her hands.

"Cyan i-" i started then she turned around and had a sad face.

"Justin stop you are the blame for this to!" she spat.

I scoff.

"Oh really ! how can that be if both of you said it was none of my concern?" i asked annoyed.

She looked taken back.

"Its like nothing is your damn fault .... it is always going too someone for blame. " i spat.

"But not this time its YOUR FAULT!Not Derek's,mine,Selena's,your mom's, your cat's, anyone's, Just yours!"i spat.

Her eyes started watering so i looked away.

"You said you were done... well so am i." i said walking too the car and unlocking it.

"Oh and cyan..." i said.

She looked at me.

"Don't tell anybody i told you this but once i saw a picture oh you and my brother my mother showed me on tour... was drawn too you and wanted too met you and hang with all my friends and go too school again....but the 2 main reasons was derek.....and you" i said before getting in the car and zooming off leaving her in the street staring at my car. 

Cyan's P.O.V

I walk down the street as it gets really dark i sigh.

I think i'm lost... and my phone is dead.

My fucking fault for missing the bus too go fuck around with the guys about are problems.

Justin was right ....

i am the blame for this ....

i have blamed everyone for things that are my fault and i need too own up too it.

Tears were still streaming down my face from earlier and i my sobs were getting really loud.

The water from the sky hit my fore head and i looked up and groaned.

As i continued to walk the rain got harder and harder and all the water mixed with my tears it just so depressing.

My thoughts took over as i walked but then some one grabbed my arm and soun me around and i snapped out of it.

I saw justin's car in the distance and justin had my arm.

He was getting wet but not as wet as me.

"What the hell are you doing out this late?"he asked.

"Justin why are you even driving this late " i mimicked him.

He rolled his eyes and ran his hands threw his hair.

He grabbed my waist and pushed me into his car and shut the door and got in.

He looked over at me and took look at me.

I probably looked like a zombie.

"Why were you walking around in the dark in the rain?"he asked.

"I was walking home" i said.

He looked at me shocked.

"You went thew the alley!"he screamed.

I looked at him not amused.

"Yea so what" i said annoyed.

"So what?well you could of got raped or killed."he said.

"Like it matters i mean everyone wouldn't care.... why are you caring anyway?"i asked.

He sighed.

"You didn't have a ride home?"he asked avoiding my question.

"The buses left without me and so did you guys.."i spat.

"How did you find me anyway"i asked.

"I was driving around too get my mind off things and just be relaxed." he said.

"Can you just take me home please justin" i asked.

"Yea" he said starting the car .

He looked at me and laid his hand on my leg and made me jump.

He rubbed it.

"Just relax just calm.... oh and don't tell me too shut the fuck up this time"he said.

I giggled which felt like its been 2 years since i have done that .

I slowly dozed off as the car moved. 

Justin's P.O.V

I saw her sleeping so i slowly got out of the car and opened her door and picked her up, and she instantly wrapped her arms around my body and laid her head on my chest.

I walk up too the door and open it and look around the house and see no ones home so i walk up too her bedroom and lay her down.

She looked like she was dead.

I grabbed some shorts and a sweater and took off her clothes and put that on her.

She didn't wake up and then i grabbed a piece of paper and hovered her as i wrote the note.

I wrote until her grasp on my shirt and she pulled me down too her level.

"Sleep with me" she said sleepy.

She is sleep talking.... i know cyan.

She had my shirt held on tight.

I didn't wanna wake her up so i slipped out of the shirt.

Wow ok now she has my shirt.

She cuddled with it and she started snoring lightly.

"Fuck"i look around and all i see is girl shirt's.

Hell no.

I just finish the note and sneak out with out a noise.

I run downstairs and get out the door and get in my car and zoom off as soon as possible before anyone sees me.


BAHAH a lot happened didn't it ? i felt like this was bad?i hope it wasn't i hope i entertained you boo's. Thanks for feedback and comments thats my favorite the comments are so cool! Thanks for the favorites and likes too!!!!

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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